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Republicans, Democrats, factory and business owners, Christians, vaxxers and anti-vaxxers, medical professionals. One of these is not like the others, except in the mind of those who still live in and for the world.

Politics and religion, the two items on the sign in many bars and pubs across the planet that are not allowed to be spoken about, especially as the night comes to an end, because people are adamant about them. When shipbuilders meet, they generally do not focus the main part of their conversations on women’s fashions, medical professionals don’t spend a lot of time on plumbing fixtures, if you want to be good at a craft, you must be consumed by it, it must be the major part of your life.

The vaxx, anti-vaxx crowds are a prime example of this, and only for this one reason, everyone on the planet is in some shape or form affected by it, but in one way in particular that nearly everyone of them has missed, the topic only matters if you are alive. This is the way of our adversary, he has always used the temporary, the present to bring about some form of thoughts of the future, or at least a possible future, and that possibility must nearly always revolve around the end of their lives here.

A situation that involves the entire planet, and one that nearly everyone on the planet is aware of, is unheard of, it is a first. Of course, there are those who may be completely unaware of the current circumstances, or have heard only briefly of it, but they are rare, almost eight billion people are now living in a new world, one regulated by the possibility of the fear of the future, and their possible demise. It has managed to replace the main conversation in every trade of mankind. I would venture a guess that the before and after conversations, if not many of the sermons themselves in nearly every church on the planet, no matter which god they worship, is now about the flu, and I would also guess that its on your mind also.

How shall I speak, as I sit here and find myself writing about it again, shall I become the hypocrite and say stop paying attention to this all-encompassing news? “Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” (Matt. 6:34) When the conversations turn to this topic, should your reply be “And, so what, what does it matter?” Perhaps you might say “Why are you so concerned with this flu, something that is being blown completely out of proportion?” The aforementioned verse is possibly one of the most hated by Satan, for if we are obedient to it, today is all that we are to be concerned with. It does not mean that we should not prepare for tomorrow in the areas of life as best as we can, but it does mean don’t fear tomorrow, don’t be consumed with what might happen.

We are being told that we must protect ourselves from a disease that has a 99.98% survival rate with no major aftereffects, we are being mandated to receive a vaccination that will protect us from a possible negative future, and this will go on until either all obey, or those who will not are punished. It is a lie, a manufactured lie begun by Satan, and for one reason only, to bring him into a position of ultimate power over this earth. Henceforth I will write little on this subject matter, for it is irrelevant to the purpose of a man of God. “For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s.” (Romans 14:8)

 It is the approaching wrath of God upon all men that we should be warning people about, and the way of escape, through Jesus Christ. If you have determined to not obey what the world is now mandating, you are going to find your life will change, dramatically, and you must be the one to determine your actions in that future, which is sure to come. That should be our focus.

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