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Science is Not God

science is not God
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Science is Not God

If you are a proponent of climate change, what was once called global warming, then in my humble opinion I would question the truth of the statement if you were to say you were a Christian. Now, I mean no offence by this, but science is not God, it has always been found to be lacking.

The purpose of scientific study in every area is of course to know, to understand, and there are still those today who follow these avenues to learn more about the Lord’s creation, if it can be used to ease the burdens of men in this life, all the better, but the knowledge of His creation is the driving force behind their motives.

Satan is a liar, every words he speaks is a lie (John 8:44) and in every area of the creation of the Lord, he will find a way to corrupt it with lies, and this area is no different. He has coerced people throughout the ages to deny the Majesty and Sovereignty of the Lord, for we are indeed quite easily deceived, and, in a sense, this climate change business is one of his greatest feats, and it had to be achieved at exactly the proper moment in time. “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.” (2 Tim. 3:1) “And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.” (Luke 21:11)

“Yes, but that is because of fracking,” and in those places far off where no drilling is present? “The earth is a smaller place than you think, seismic anomalies can travel far distances.”

In places where mandatory lockdowns have been set in place the water is cleaner, across the planet the air is clearer because of less air traffic, why is it that in all instances that are related to a cleaner planet weeks, if not days, are all that is necessary to clean up what many have professed will require the entire restructuring of planetary resources? “Future models predict” is the all-encompassing answer, followed closely by, “the past has taught us.”

The people that are speaking to us from their high and lofty places are not speaking the truth to us, and we should not expect them to, their father does not know how to speak the truth. Are large icefloes melting, are waters around the planet rising, is the atmosphere being modified, are all the things that the climate change specialist telling us actually happening, yes, anyone can see that, but they will not tell you the truth of why it is happening, and in fact they cannot, because these days, as are all of the things of God, are Spiritually discerned, and so they could not explain them in the truth if they wanted to, for it is impossible for them. (1 Cor. 2:14)

The supposed pandemic is a lie, the lockdowns are not being enforced upon people because of it, but because those at the top, at least those who presume to be at the pinnacle of human endeavors, are being deceived by Satan, although there are a very few who know exactly what they are doing and why. There are not two sides to this coin, it is one dimensional, it always has been, God has always been in complete and total control of everything, where He wants man’s steps to go, that is where they will go, and this is the reason many of the heathen rage. (Psalm 2:1)

Think for a moment on this analogy, if you will, Satan more than likely has the entire Scriptures memorized, he knows that if he goes to the Valley of Jezreel at a certain time, he will be cast into hell and chained for a thousand years, (Rev. 20:3) so, do you believe he has purposed to not go there then? And do you think that is going to make any difference, do you believe that in a way that he cannot foresee or imagine that his steps will indeed take him there, because the Lord God has determined it to be so?

People that hear sounds off in the distance usually look toward that sound, if you can understand that analogy, then you can understand what has been addressed here. The Lord God is showing all of mankind through His creation of His imminent return, and He is giving every one of us plenty of time to repent, and Satan is doing all that he can think of to keep our eyes off of that truth.

More earthquakes than ever before recorded in the history of man, more active volcanoes, weather that simply cannot be explained, much less predicted in any certainty anymore, and the increase in all these activities grows by the year. If you are calling yourself a Christian and hold fast to the scientific data that is being expounded today, I fear that you may need to seriously re-evaluate your supposed position in Christ. He is at the door, and this is how He speaks to us in this age in this area. There are no doubts left as to the days we are in.

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