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Run or Stand, Your Choice

run or stand your choice
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Run or Stand, Your Choice

In every country, every nation, it is the media’s responsibility to encourage fealty to that nation through internet, television, books, and magazines, everything is geared towards allegiance and pride, gratitude and servitude to the particular place on the planet that you reside in.

Nearly all of these venues have not the Lord God in mind when they seek to coerce the masses of individuals within their boundaries, but the men, who by whatever means, that rule those nations. News outlets are manipulated in such a way to be one sided towards the beliefs and directions that those “in charge” want that country to go, commercials for services and goods are placed in key places with particular ideologies to enforce these ideas, with one singular purpose in mind, control the masses, or at least keep them in a position where rebellion will be seen as futile. When the masses, or a least a substantial part of them, become cognizant of these truths, military forces must be employed, or at least the pretense and show of it. You may call it what you want, military force, police action, national guards, citizen core, the name makes no difference, the enforcement of the desired path must be kept, and the path is set by those who control the greatest force.

Sadly, most Christians cannot seem to understand that prayer is the most powerful force on this planet, they see it more as just passing words, and it is used most generally as a plea for help, mostly on a personal level and for personal reasons only. Along with the Word of God, prayer is the most powerful weapon on this planet, yet one truth remains, if you are in a crowd of people that are peacefully protesting against known evils, and those who are representing the evil begin firing their weapons at you, you are probably going to die, the Word of God is not a force-field, so to speak, against the rifle rounds and ballistic missiles.

Here is where faith falters, when those armed with swords and pitchforks rise up against tanks and armored vehicles, it is quite easy to see who the victim will be, but so many born-again believers will not even attempt to enter the battle. The knowledge of the war is quite visible to them, they can see the skirmishes, they may even be able to see through the subtle lies of the controlled media, but because of the possibility of the loss of what they own, a place to live, their family, employment opportunities, even their life, they will not pick up and employ properly the one weapon they have in their possession, the sword of the Word of God.

Confronting evil does not require strength or power, it will not be stopped with your shotgun or rifle, the truths of Scripture are the only weapon we have, but far fewer than I would like to admit realize this. I would ask this question of you, is James 4:17 true or not, “Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.” I fear that most who claim Christ as Lord are doing no more than watching the ever increasing evil on this planet from the comfort of their house on the television screen or their cellphone, they speak of these days and the great evil that is approaching only to those who are like-minded, and would not dare to approach it, them, to their face.

Do you not know that you are going to die someday, are you not aware that you will leave your mortal temple behind, when were you going to accept this fact, were you hoping to die cowering in your house, safe from the evil, have you even had a thought of dying on the battlefield.

Whether you like it or not, pain and suffering are coming, the rulers of this present darkness have no intention of abating their attack, the masses will not deter them, they are not going to be voted out of any office, Satan is going to use them to take over and control the entire planet, you can fall in line or you can die, either one is of no concern to them.

If you believe that your life will be able to go on as it has for the last few years or decades, if you think that you will just keep getting up in the morning and heading off to work, or caring for your children, going fishing on the  weekends or a leisurely stroll in the woods or on your treadmill, you are mistaken, these days are not just going to pass you by. Those who know that war is coming have two choices, and just pretending it will not happen is not one of them.

You can either run and hide, or you can stand and fight.

Pestilence, plague, famine, and war, these are the measures the Lord God has always used, and He has always given ample warning to all that His wrath is approaching, always. Pretending these days are not upon us will not work, hoping they just go away is foolishness, deciding that you will deal with the circumstances when they arrive is futility, they are coming, and you have one of two choices, run, hide, and then die, or stand with Christ with the Word of God by the power of the Holy Spirit, and then die. Both will lead to the same end, the one you choose our Lord has left entirely up to you.

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