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Rock or Sand

rock or sand
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Rock or Sand

It isn’t the fires, it is not the floods, or the lights in the skies, it’s not the earthquakes, or volcanoes going off, these are the signs, and the signs are being paid far too much attention to by the servants of the Most High. There is an economic crash coming, one that will affect the entire planet, millions upon millions, are unemployed, hundreds of thousands of business’ have shut their doors and will likely never reopen. The heads of the World Economic Forum are preparing to complete their plan for world domination under the guise of a false pandemic and what they call climate change. None of this is the reason, not even the lost, the unrepentant souls are the main reason, though their sins are growing exponentially seemingly every day, we are the reason.

I speak not to the shame of every born-again believer, for that would be foolish, but I do speak to those who will be ashamed at His coming, (1 John 2:28) I speak to those who will receive no rewards in heaven, who have not laid up treasure in the kingdom of the Almighty, I speak to those whose love has grown cold. (Matt. 24:10) That is the reason, all else are signs, signs that every mature believer has seen coming for many years now.

Those who hide in their churches and those who lock the doors of those same churches, those who have determined that it is not Almighty God that says when they should come together to glorify His name, but the authorities in the region of the nation that they live in. To those who wear a mask and have full undisputable knowledge that the survival rate for this strain of the flu is in the very high nineties, who know for a fact that the already sick and very elderly are the ones dying, and that at the age that is touted as the average age that individuals die even without the flu. To those who are wearing a mask with a verse on it that states they have faith in Christ.

The love of many is waxing cold, (Matt. 24:12) it is being replaced, and already has been with a fear of disobedience to the laws of man, it has been replaced with enablement instead of the firm conviction of faith in the Lord God. The lies and deceits of Satan do not change, yet so many who call Christ Lord have stumbled at the very first influx of his world dominating plan. The media that so many behind the pulpit for so many years have claimed to be a tool of Satan are now believed without question, literally overnight.

The powers that the Lord has put over nearly every nation do not serve the Lord our God, yet so many who lead churches now not only believe their words, but are following without question their edicts and ever-growing new laws and regulations. Because I am human, I understand, no one wants to go to prison, no one wants to be fined, no Christian wants to disobey the laws that are placed over us, but as a born-again believer, as a follower of Jesus Christ, I find great difficulty in believing what I am witnessing across this planet concerning some of those who I call my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Perhaps for some reason the Lord has decided to blind the eyes of those who are behaving as such, I cannot say, but I know for a fact that there is a remnant out there, there are those who have been blessed to see the truth, that have seen these days from a long way off. You may continue to stare at your monitors and watch all the signs unfold if you so desire, but sooner or later you are going to have to make a decision, a decision as to when you are going to stand and say no more, I will drift no further away from Him who is my Rock of salvation. (Psalm 62:7) Until then my friends, you are standing on sinking sand, and soon it may be too late to escape it. Not one believer’s life should ever end in regret.

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