Borrowed Truths


Borrowed Truths


Many individuals have a routine that they affix to themselves, one either required by their circumstances, or placed to give themselves a form of continuity, a repetition of sameness, a security. By completing these tasks on a regular basis, they find the path that is known, and in the known there is a sense of wellness. These can range from the routine performed before they venture out the door to work, to the junkie who must have his fix, the path that is known is the one that brings a sense of protection, a safety from what in their heart they know lurks around the corner.

Those who have not experienced the closeness of death are almost always surprised when it comes to their door, as if it should arrive within their timeframe, when they have accomplished all in this life that they have set out to do. The fiery trials that are not to surprise us, (1 Peter 4:12) almost always do, and they are seen not as a blessing, not as an opportunity for growth in our faith, but as a misfortune, as a deterrent to that repetition that brings false security into our lives. The clouds bring both rain and disappointment, and those whose moods are changed simply by the weather find little opportunities for this growth in grace in either the thunderstorm or the sunny day.

This is the walk of many of the “Sunday Christians,” life must be going as planned before they believe themselves to be blessed, any discrepancies to the normal continuity of their lives rarely draws them closer to Christ, but instead is seen only as a deterrent to their own plans, the life they have envisioned they should have. We prefer to be polite and name them the weaker brothers and sisters, and this title is inferred on them no matter the years or decades they have attended the church, we expect no growth from them, or at best continuously speak of “God in His time will change them,” year after year, with no growth in sight. These are the foolish Galatians who were deceived, these are they Paul chided in Hebrews 5:13 for remaining in the milk of the Word and not growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord, we attempt to remain civil and courteous and give them the title of carnal or slow to grow, but the truth for many of these is that they take the responsibility of being a servant of Christ as a lite thing.

It is not just a matter of the worlds pull, not of the supposed needs they seem to believe must be fulfilled each day, they have lost sight of the price that was paid for them if in fact it was ever even a truth to them in the first place. The trials and tribulations, the problems and deterrents are not accepted with joy, and death is to be avoided at all cost. They have given no thought to dying to self, much less dying for Christ. If there is one word that is definitely not uttered about these individuals any more in our society it is the word “Hypocrite,” but my friends that is what many of them are. Self-serving, not Christ-centered, for a pretense they give the outward signs of a Christian, morally correct in nearly every aspect of the world, but their hearts are far from the Lord.

To ask them to give an account of their faith (1 Peter 3:15) is automatically seen as a judgmental request, to ask them what the Lord has been using them for is perceived as a competition, and those who have asked become instantaneously contentious in their eyes. When questioned in depth, they have no place to hide, and they will blame all who ask of them these spiritual questions for their own shortcomings. When many who profess Christ today are asked these questions, they can give no answers, but my friends, these are the same questions that the Lord Jesus Christ will ask them on their day of accounting.

My heart cries for those who believe they will stand in front of Him a few moments after they leave their mortal shell, and instead open their eyes to darkness and heat, knowing full well they deceived themselves, that their account will be given in one thousand years, that all hope is gone. Hell is full of people who thought they were saved, who thought living a good life made you a Christian, who thought the morality of man was the same as God’s command to be Holy. They are at church every Sunday, not clothed in the Spirit, but looking at the clothes others are wearing, they sing the songs year after year, but the songs they know the best are the ones of the world, their desire is not for heaven, but to be popular here, to fit in, to find a resting spot that is comfortable, convenient, secure. Church is not a place to go and worship Almighty God, it is nothing more than a habit that makes them feel better about themselves. They are neither cold nor hot, (Rev. 3:15) and they will be spit out.

You know this person, you have met them many times, they will speak of the spiritual matters, of Christ and His glory for moments at best, but of the world and self, their words know no end, and we are expected to call them brothers and sisters in Christ. The lost who pretend to be saved are to be pitied the most my friends, they will not stand for Christ, nor will they stand for the world, they have no foundation. The continuation of repetition is all they have, and this to will pass. They are sowing the ground of self-deception, pray their eyes will be opened.

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