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I have never met anyone who if they were offered a very large sum of money with absolutely no attachments, no stipulations whatsoever that would turn it down.

There is, on a planetary or individualized life very few other options for survival on this planet. It is possible perhaps in some of the most remote areas of this planet, but food would at best be scarce and the hardships, along with land ownership would make this an almost impossible task today, to live without money. There is another thing I have learned in this area, those who have very large sums of money know full well that the most important thing than can be purchased with it is not manufactured in any factory, the most valuable asset that can be purchased with it is power over people, or more specifically, human beings themselves.

I do not do absolutes, but nearly everyone on this earth has their price, and that price is always brought by lust, desire, envy, or fear. The materialistic item that can be obtained, the individual to fulfill our sexual desires, the boasting that comes with the ownership, if you will, of items that few others possess, these are all the calling cards of money, and it is why the Scriptures speak the truth that the love of it is the root of all evil. (1 Tim. 6:10) But the most valuable asset that money can purchase is fear, more specifically, the obedience from others to inflict fear upon either individuals or the masses for the design of the profit of the supposed ownership of the masses.

Think on nearly any monarch, king, president, choose any name they have given themselves throughout the history of mankind and you will find that nearly every one of them used individuals to exert their will upon the people by offering these subordinates the fulfillment of their desires, usually by large sums of cash. The money allows the ones that are obedient the opportunity to fulfill their earthly desires, while putting in bondage, by servitude through fear, the lower class, the fearful. Thus are slaves made, and here is where we find ourselves in this current age of man.

There are phenomenal amounts of cash transactions occurring behind the scenes at this moment, promises of not just items of the world, but pieces of the world itself are being offered. Entire nations are in part the coin of the realm, if you will, and when the dust settles, as they say, many will find themselves completely deceived and tossed aside. There will be ten nations left, only ten, the Scriptures are quite clear on this, (Dan. 7:24) but at this moment the manufactured fear of the supposed new strain of the flu is thoroughly diverting the attention of the general population away from these truths. It is why so many are suffering from the lack of financial wherewithal, and the world’s economic indicator, the stock markets across the globe, are growing exponentially.

The promises are being fulfilled, at least on the surface, by the representatives of the one who is the god of this planet. He has, quite simply, made them an offer they cannot refuse, complete and total domination, under him of course, of an entire nation and all that resides within it, including the people. Ten of them, ten nations, ten men who will run, under the supervision of the antichrist, this entire planet.

This is how it has started, with the laws being put in place to wear a mask nearly constantly, through fear, with the limited congregation of individuals, through fear, even to the shuttering of the doors of the church, through fear. The masses must be taught to obey, if not willingly to their new masters, then by fear and force.

The love of money is the root of all evil, it creates blindness, it places blinders on men, it is the great self-consumer, and it is power. We were not told in the Scriptures the exact path that the Lord would allow our adversary to take when these days began, when the beginnings of sorrow would appear, (Matt. 24:8) but we know our enemy, he is a liar, he is power hungry, he works through deceit and his greatest weapon is fear. The world order that he is setting up requires two things only, obedience and fear.

These deceits are so strong that is has amazed many men of God to watch as the Evangelical churches of the world shutter their doors and cast out the assembly to, in a sense, fend for themselves, to practice social distancing instead of flinging those doors wide open for the masses so that they can run to the High Tower that is our Lord. I did not expect so many to be so easily deceived, especially in these initial phases of the adversaries plans, I cannot comprehend how many will fall when things truly begin to happen.

In this world, money buys power, and the one attribute that is expounded upon by those with power in this world is obedience, and that obedience is best regulated through fear. From the fear of the loss of the ability to provide for yourself and your family, which is already in full swing, to the loss of all personal rights, which is coming, to the loss of your freedom if you do not obey, which will happen. We are on the precipice, and only the born-again believers are standing there warning those who are fleeing headlong toward it. I pray that the Lord will use us mightily in these last days.

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