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Position Will Not Matter

position will not matter
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Position Will Not Matter

The man who runs the county department, the manager of the local towns streets, the mayor of the large city, the governor or magistrate, presidents and premiers, all useless after a certain point, their assigned tasks completed, their allowance of temporary power exhausted, thrown aside as trash. Even most of what is considered the “one percenters” today, the ultra-rich and elite, once they have accomplished what was set before them, there will be no further need of them, and not one of these individuals is aware of this truth.

Such is the nature of pride, it blinds completely, man does not contain within himself the capability to denounce his own desires in this area, its not possible for the natural man. (1 Cor. 2:14) There are men on this planet today that know who they are serving, they know his name, and they know the plan, whether or not they know the truth of the end game according to the Word of God is immaterial, but I am guessing not, for those who have reached the highest pinnacle of what man is able to achieve are always the blindest.

There will be ten kingdoms, I do not know if this means in a geographical area, or in terms of services rendered, energy, food, power, etc., but I know that ten men will have control, under the antichrist, over this whole planet, and everyone on it, of this there is no doubt. This is why those on the lower rungs, so to speak, are fighting so diligently in these days for position, for power, the closer to the top they are, at least in their eyes, the safer, more secure they believe they will be in this “Build Back Better world” they are envisioning.

The less one cares about his neighbor, the easier it is to climb this ladder, for it is people that must be stepped on to reach the top, the bodies, my friends, will begin to pile up rather quickly when it all truly begins.

The great and terrible day of the Lord (Joel 2:31) is approaching, this is what those ten at the top, and he whom they serve, know full well, the hedge is being lowered, the angels of our Lord have been commanded to begin preparing for the marriage feast, (Rev. 19:9) and Satan can see that. I envision him in a sense like someone tiptoeing through a mine field, determined to go forward, not exactly sure where to put the next step. He can see what we cannot see, his army is spread far and wide, and is more powerful than all the military powers that this earth has ever known, but they are still “on hold,” as it were, their fury is not diminished, in fact the opposite is occurring, they know the time is almost at hand, and that it will be short lived.

It is difficult for me to imagine ever writing this, but billions of people are going to die very violent deaths soon, unimaginable in a world where the death of a single individual can make world-wide news. The plan will go as it should, our Lord still sits on the throne, the days that are coming are the worst this world will ever know (Mark 13:19) and it is our responsibility not only to warn the poor, but the rich, all who will listen we are to speak to, to tell them the way of salvation, without Christ there is no hope, and it will not matter if you are the mayor of a small or large town, the president or the premier, no one is safe without Christ, no one.

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