Borrowed Truths

Plastic Fruit

plastic fruit
Borrowed Truths

Plastic Fruit

Generally, for most of us, we did not know very much at all about Jesus before we were called by Him, before we were chosen. Perhaps the most rudimentary items, that He loves us, that our sins could be forgiven, perhaps a few of what are considered “children’s” accounts of the Scriptures, if you will, Noah, Moses, Jonah, some things about the cross, but not much more than that.

There is of course nothing at all wrong about that, many a great theologian can recite numerous passages of the Scriptures, can expound in great detail about any number of topics within the Word of God, and they are not saved individuals. But there comes a time when we are expected to grow, and I say this with no malice of forethought, but I believe that most of the people that you have met that call themselves Christians are instead one of the first three seeds spoken of in Mark 4:3-8.

In some of these, the words spoken of in Galatians 5:22-23 about the fruits of the Spirit, are evident, to the outside world, but they are only words, they are attempted by these people on purpose, not to glorify God, but to seem, even to themselves, as if they are part of the family of God. You have met these people, they have been, they will tell you, saved for a very long time, they even have a certificate of Baptism somewhere to prove it. They are polite, kind, never offensive, and obedient to the rules, regulations and traditions of their church, but not to Christ.

I can write these words in all honesty, for the Lord Himself said, “Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?” (Matt. 7:22) When Paul was speaking to the Galatians in chapter 3 it was incredulous to him that it had been two years and they were still in the most basic concepts of the Word of God, there had been no growth whatsoever.

I personally know of individuals who have been in a church for more than five decades who cannot tell you what justification, sanctification and glorification means, and they are elders in that church. They are good people, but only the Lord knows if they are truly saved, for they will not speak of the things of Jesus Christ.

It can be quite easy to fool not only the world, but ourselves when it comes to our salvation, and I do not mean those moments that we lose our assurance, but for the entirety of our lives. Good people in the eyes of the world are rarely saved people, people who are religious rarely know the Lord Jesus personally.

There is a fire that burns within those who have been crucified with Christ, (Gal. 2:20) a fire that the world cannot quench, that no man can put out, that circumstances hold no sway over, and the more we seek of Him, the brighter that fire burns. We cannot but speak to all that will listen of His glory, His Sovereignty, His hatred of sin and evil, and His never-ending love to those who obey Him.

All who are in Christ Jesus will bear fruit, the parable of the Sower is quite clear on this fact. There are many walking around with fake fruit, plastic facsimiles that look like the real thing, but are not. To spot them you must question them, those who know Jesus Christ as Savior will speak of Him to no end, they will love to tell you the accounts of how they were saved, how He has used them for the glory of God, those who are of the first three seeds, those with the plastic fruit will have someplace to go, someone to see, something to do, or they will regale you for attempting to judge them. Feel sorry for them.

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