Borrowed Truths


Borrowed Truths


This life is supposed to be difficult, it is supposed to be filled with trouble and strife, sorrow and heartache, it is supposed to be hard, to be frustrating, a life filled with sorrow and acquainted with grief. Get your concordance out, your Bible, check your memory, and look up these last five words that were just written, they describe the life of Christ, remember, the One we are to be like.

This ridiculous notion that is being preached the last few decades that we are just supposed to slosh love all over everyone, that if Jesus loves you, you can tell because everything is going well and all of your needs and most of your wants are being provided for are evil in the most vilest way. We live on a planet of sin, a corrupted evil place that serves either itself or its master Satan, and many people who call themselves Christians are doing nothing more to stand against the evil than to check their own heart occasionally, show up to church so they can feel better about themselves and then go back to their routine in the world. Many who call Christ Lord any more do not stand, they run and hide, they believe themselves saved but have little to no proof outside of their own mind for their salvation, they do not live by faith but by a misconception of what a Christian is supposed to be according to the world.

It happens every single time the Lord allows the prosperity of the world to begin to blossom around them, they want what the lost have, they want the material possessions that are readily available, they want all the possible comforts they can get to make life as easy as it possibly can be, and they definitely do not want to be bothered with thoughts of being despised and rejected of men.

“Jesus suffered a life of poverty, I shouldn’t have to, He paid the price, I get in for free, Christ took the punishment, I should not have to bear even the most smallest inconvenience. Its too cold, its too hot, they didn’t have half the items at the grocery store that I wanted, this sock has a hole in it. Whine, complain, and then head off to church to sing the songs because it will make me feel better. I feel so bad about those poor people that are suffering “over there,” throw a couple extra coins in the plate as it passes by, don’t think too much about them though, it would be depressing, I sure hope God doesn’t allow that stuff to come over here. Maybe if I’m good enough, maybe if I stop doing this and start doing that, maybe if I apply myself more to my job or even read the Bible a little more, than God will keep all of that pain and suffering away from me and I’ll be able to get through this life relatively unscathed, enter into heaven and start to really have a good time.”

This is what has become of the majority of those who profess faith in Christ today, they will in no way seek the fellowship of His suffering, (Phil. 3:10) but they sure like to read about it, makes them feel thankful, they feel so sorry for those they occasionally hear about “over there” that are suffering for Him, but inside they secretly hope it stays “over there.” They will deny themselves the most minor item of their life and think they are doing Christ a great service, while they order their next want from Amazon, while they see this minor, self-imposed inconvenience as a glorious tribute to the One who suffered all things so they don’t have to suffer anything more than running out of milk or bread after the stores have closed for the evening. Pathetic, and questionable at best in their true relationship to Christ.

There is nothing wrong with having the things of the world, it is ridiculous to think that Christ was speaking to every believer who has been blessed with financial wherewithal as if they were the rich individual in the Scriptures, (Matt. 19:23) but if you have placed any value whatsoever in anything of this world, then you are still in bondage to this world, if you think suffering for Christ means losing your stuff, then you do not understand the context of the Scriptures. Dying to self is more than losing the things of the world, it is losing your entire life for His glory, but I am guessing that some of you as soon as you are done reading this are going to write something down on your grocery list for next week so you don’t forget.

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