Borrowed Truths

Our Fault

our fault
Borrowed Truths

Our Fault

It is, to a degree, our fault, every born-again believer is responsible in part for the days that we are in. When we stopped telling people that were not saved that they were sinners, and that the wrath of God was abiding on them, (John 3:36) when we stopped reproving and rebuking those in the body of Christ who fell, and remained in sin, when we began to think that being polite and kind was more important than standing for the Word of God, when we invited the world into the church, and not just in the pews, but into the very pulpit itself.

When we began to be more concerned with our bank accounts, than the homeless, poor and indigent, when we watched as religious cults began to grow exponentially, and began to emulate them, to call traditions the way of the believer, when we started to have the repetition of the program on Sunday morning, instead of heartfelt worship. When men of God were pulled from the pulpit and replaced with those that knew how to tickle the ears (2 Tim. 4:3) of the few that still darkened the doors.

We sat and watched as they placed the large monitors up on the podium and entertained us with the news of the world, we listened as we were told of the woes and worries that were engulfing our planet. We sang the new songs, repeating the same words over and over, like some chant meant to enable us to feel better about our lack of true faith in the Almighty. We watched as the Bibles were removed from the back of the pews in front of us and replaced with the reference verses applicable to that day’s sermon on those big screens above the finely carpeted podium.

We joined in the bingo nights, the games of chance, reaping the benefits of our feel-good attendance, and on Sunday night we watched our television programs at home, for the church doors were closed.

We took our summer breaks from the mid-week Bible study, for we were far too busy with the world and all of its callings during those warm summer nights. We sit in the pews with our cell phones at our sides, viewing those items that are nowhere near related to anything being said, before and after the service we speak of the things of the world, the weather, the news of the day that we have been informed is so important.

My friends, we locked our church doors when we were needed the most, and now we wear masks that have the words “I trust Jesus” on them.

We caused all this, we were left on the wall to watch for the enemy, and he did not even need to sneak in unawares, we let him in of our own free will, by our actions against our Lord, and our inactions because of fear and apathy. We were infiltrated, by choice, we not only allowed those things to happen, we initiated them, we allowed those who were only professing our Lord with their lips, (Matt. 15:8) to remain seated in the pews, for either we refused to judge with righteous judgment, (John 7:24) or we were too spiritually blind and lacking in wisdom to recognize them. We let the world take over the church of God, and the world is Satan.

The days are here, the last of the prophecies before the tribulation period have been fulfilled right before our eyes, and we did nothing to try to stop it. Th slow train that was coming is approaching the station, and only those who stood will be allowed a seat within it. The Lord God always leaves for Himself a remnant.

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