Borrowed Truths

Our Adversary (Part 8)

Borrowed Truths

Our Adversary (Part 8)

He thought he would take a stroll this evening, the city was large and ever sprawling, and he could recall when it has been nothing more than a few ramshackle wood structures, humans huddled around each other for protection and warmth. With over twelve million people in just one city, there was always a large number of them out and about, there was always something going on, and many of these that ventured out this fine evening were enjoying some of the pleasures that he himself had designed.

He had assumed the visage of a young man the last few blocks, smiling and nodding at the barkers whose words called to those who sought the pleasures of the flesh, promises of beautiful women and men whose images adorned the window panes of the shops were never the ones found inside, but that mattered little, once the enticed patrons were inside they cared not what the one inside looked like, all the rampant desires inside were fulfilled, along with forgotten thoughts of loving wives and children at home. Money in hand, they paid for their cravings, consequences cast to the wind, the lust of the flesh was ever wanting and never completely satisfied.

As Satan turned the corner, he modified his appearance once more, now a stately looking older gentleman, cane in hand, he in no way fit in with the crowds on these blocks, but that mattered not at all. The lights behind him disappeared for the most part, only a few dim bulbs shown from the rundown buildings, many of them barely flickering, occasionally showing a single individual leaning against a shabby wall, a small group here and there, seeking refuge in the dark to perform a task best not seen in the light. He smiled to himself as he saw the drunk man passed out beside an overflowing trash container, kicking him in the stomach several times before smashing his skull with the gold tipped cane. Two others just a few feet from him tried to shuffle away from the dapper looking older man as he wiped the head of his cane on the handkerchief from his breast pocket. He tipped his hat to them, “See you soon,” and continued his evening stroll under the bright full moon.

The turn at the next intersection revealed to the crowd a middle-aged man, non-descript in his appearance, a visage no one would recall in just a few moments after passing by him. This street was very crowded, small restaurants, clubs and bars lined both sides of the streets, shops with fine clothing and jewelry. The lust of the eyes for all to consume. He stopped by two young men, obviously two men who were planning on something that was not going to go well for at least one of them, and after he whispered into the ear of one of them, he stood and watched with several others as the brown haired young man pulled a knife and stabbed to death the other. He was still standing there with a blank look on his face when two police officers threw him on the ground with much force. It was a beautiful evening. He thought a bite to eat sounded good, something he only did on rare occasions, but on evenings like this when he was enjoying himself he took liberties that he generally did not attend to very often.

The attractive woman that he now assumed the form of sat in the window seat alone and waited to be served, but as he glanced around the crowded room he saw two of them. They were always easy to spot, they glowed with the light of the Holy Spirit of God within them, and things had been going so well this evening, Well, he wasn’t going to let his evening on the town be ruined by two lowly Christians, the majority of the humans were still unaware of the hope that was offered to them, but it did kill his desire to eat, so after his drink, he touched the young waiter, giving him a stroke, which helped to pick his mood up a little.

Back on the street the old man again with the cane noticed several of his underlings mulling around a streetlamp, but as he began to approach, they all fled away, best thing to do, there was always work to do, and they could just as easily be taught the meaning of pain as the two-legged animals that went aimlessly around in their very short lives. Now there was a site that he had not seen for some time, a lighted cross bolted high on the wall of a non-descript building, why not, let’s have a look and see what the other side has going on this fine evening.

The bum with the shaggy clothes took a seat in the back row, and began to listen to the young man upon the stage speak. There were about forty people inside, most of them looking like the form he had assumed as he walked thru the large wooden door. It was as he expected, eight or ten glowing souls, the rest as dark as the night sky outside, but what really put a smile on his face was the one behind the podium, the young man with the white and black collar, for there was no glow coming from this one, a self-made man, a man filled with the pride of life, it was indeed a beautiful evening. The young man spoke as if he was on fire for the Almighty, but Satan knew that if he died right at this moment, he would truly know what fire was. He was debating for a moment on causing this to happen when he noticed two of his brethren, fallen angels doing their jobs, going about the room whispering into the ears of those sitting in the pews. They noticed him at almost the same time, gave obeisance to him, and continued about their work. He touched the very drunk man sitting beside him, giving him a major heart attack, and left to go about his business, a smile on his face, for it was a fine evening indeed, he knew there wasn’t much time left, but tonight was a fine evening indeed.

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