Borrowed Truths

Our Adversary (Part 6)

Borrowed Truths

Our Adversary (Part 6)

Our adversary is wiser than we can ever begin to comprehend, and although he cannot be compared to the Lord our God, there is no other to compare him with in all of creation. Has he not deceived an entire planet of people, hundreds of millions down throughout the ages, leading them in the paths of destruction and rebellion in his overriding desire to express his hatred of his Creator? But, and of course I may be mistaken, I believe that he needs help from those that were also cast out of heaven with him on that day, or at least counselors that will either assist him in the completion of his thought processes, or aid him in the accomplishment of those endeavors.

The principalities and powers that the Scriptures speak of are those that are in rebellion against the will of the Lord, those that we are in a battle against, and many of these are indeed the fallen angels, those we now know as demons. They have not only the power to enter into the lost and control them, but are in positions of power over entire nations, controlling by whatever means the Lord has allowed them to have those human beings that are in authority over their own dominions, the nations and producers of the worlds needs and wants. Influence is enacted in ways that are not known to us in their entirety, but the actions they produce are quite visible, they are evil in their intent, malicious in the endeavors of their actions, and always against the will and Word of God, they are the ways of the world.

This subject has of late brought to my mind the question again of where it all started, in the mind of Lucifer, after I believe his name was changed to Satan, the time before he entered the garden of Eden unannounced. We are told nothing of the time between his fall and the moment of this entrance, but it was not I think immediate, for counsel must be taken before actions are ensued, and I believe that this is an occurrence that happens among the demons more than we may think. “Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counsellors they are established,” (Prov. 15:22)  we know our adversary is wise, and though he hates the lord God, he is more than willing to take all the help that he can get. True wisdom is only of the Lord. The demons are not stupid my friends, they have been around longer than any human, and they know where the path for them is going to end, it is what they can do on that path before it reaches its conclusion that they are concerning themselves with.

Satan did not just burst into the garden of Eden and decide what to say when he got there, he had time to think about his words, just how long we are not told. And he did not go first to the woman, but to the serpent, and I am going to presume that he did not go without counsel. There was not going to be a second chance, I do not believe that he even knew for sure that the Lord was going to allow him entrance, but that may have also been part of the discussions. Demons are not what many today think them to be, they are not small, fat fallen cherubim, if you will, nor would I say that they would have any form that we might even recognize, we know only the forms that the Scriptures give to our adversary, all else would be speculation.

The point of the subject matter is, did he coerce the serpent also, and if so, how. Again, all would be speculation, but the fact remains clear, either the serpent allowed him control of his body, or Satan took control of it against his will. I believe the former would make more sense, for if not, then no curse would have been laid upon the serpent. Why not show up in a form of his own choosing, again, in the counsel of the wise, there was perhaps a connection between the serpent and the woman, if not at least a passing notice, but again, speculation is not always a wise course of action, we might as well ask why Eve was not surprised when the serpent began to speak. The counsel between Satan and the other fallen demons that were present with him at this moment must have been one of deep contemplation, we do not know what the final hopes for the plan were, but I believe that it probably exceeded all of their expectations.

Our adversary is not beneath the counsel of those who once inhabited heaven with him, their advice would be sought after, but all final decisions are more than likely his, he is the wisest and most devious being ever created. His plan was perfect, but not without fault, for if not the serpent, then another form would need to be taken, for whatever reason the form that he inhabited at that moment would not be of any use to his plans. And the council must have suggested the woman as the first target, would not the man be the one to seek out first, he was put over the woman, all responsibilities rested upon his shoulders, he named the animals, he was created by the Lord first. And why talk, why not just kill them.

Here we must remember the account of Job and the hedge that our Lod placed around him, (Job 1:10) and again speculation must come into our thoughts, was there a hedge around our first parents, and was this entire letter to you a moot point, did Satan have to go to God and ask if he could try to deceive our first parents. Was there a council about even this part of the plan to thwart the plans of the Lord, and if you really would like to throw a wrench into the thought processes here, were they aware that Almighty God was, and had been since the foundation of the world, aware of their plans.

Sometimes I think that we may give too much fear to him that we should not fear at all. Granted, the powers that our adversary holds are far beyond our understanding, we should respect him and all that follow him, but never are we to fear him. Herein we must ask a question then of ourselves, are counsels being taken against you, are you serving Christ in such a way that the principalities and powers have noticed you. The hedge that was around Job is around every single believer, He is called the Holt Spirit, and although He was not present in Job, the protection of God is nonetheless still upon His children. (Psalm 91:10) When you are walking down the street, and a demon just happens to notice you, what is the first thing he sees, you or the Holy Spirit inside of you, and then of course we must ask the question, why would you even be noticed. Job was noticed, Paul was noticed, of course our Lord was constantly in their sights, but what about you.

I have given much thought to this over the years, and the same response always seems to enter my mind, he will notice whom the Lord allows him to notice. Satan is not interested in what we will call here the weaker brother, they are of no concern to him, only those who are in the service of the Lord in the front lines, as it were, are perceived by him as a threat. This can be anyone who brings many souls to the knowledge of repentance in the name of Christ, to the woman whose life is devoted to praying, all who serve obediently and diligently in humility are on his radar. He is the constant accuser of the brethren, (Rev. 12:10) but whom does he feel a need to accuse, and how many of those need the counsel of his associates to find a way to defeat them.

It took all of two sentences from the adversary to coerce our first parents, around fifty words is all, what makes us think that we could hold up for even that long. Well, for one thing, we have the armor of God, but do you know how to use it effectively, remember, he has thousands of years of practice, and he could care less if you live or die, you are not in his way either way. It is quite easy to understand why he needed to deceive the man and woman in the garden, they were the first, but why you, why spend any time on you, and if you, then would he need to take council to unbalance you from the path that our Lord has for your life, would it even be necessary to go to God to accuse you.

The whole of the subject is this my friends, are you worth being noticed, are you someone that the adversary should notice, and ask the Lord if he can act against you. The answer cannot be based in fear of Satan and his horde, it is the Lord God that we are to fear, and Him alone, but if you were to take a moment and look at your walk today for Christ, would you say that you are worth the effort of our adversary. I believe that there have been very few human beings since the beginning of man that have caught the attention of the principalities and powers that we are speaking of here, of the major demons that are in Satan’s army, and fewer still that have caught the eye of Satan himself. The purposes of those that our Lord has called that have been noticed have not been deterred in any way, shape or form, His will is done, period. So then, why would our adversary spend any time whatsoever with those individuals who think that serving Christ means going to church and maybe a Bible study once in a while, and on top of that, he is in control of many of the organized religions of the world already.

There are individuals that are being used mightily by our Lord today, and they are noticed, council has been taken, plans made, but each and every time the Lord God must be sought before any action can be taken, nothing happens to the servant of Christ unless it goes thru the throne of His grace first. If you desire to serve, you will be noticed, the question is, if you are noticed, will you continue to serve.

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