Borrowed Truths

One God

one God
Borrowed Truths

One God

Most people are just going to deny that He exists, live their lives as they please, what happens, happens, and when they die, well, they’ll figure it out when they get there.

The next group would be those that will not deny the existence of God, but don’t exactly believe that He actually is a sentient individual, but something more like a higher power, an all knowing something that made most everything and then just went about His business.

The next group would be those that believe there is a God, that He made everything, but it’s more like a theater play, like a windup clock that doesn’t really necessitate any concern or care from Him, what happens is going to happen, and He really doesn’t have much control over the situation.

Then comes those that believe He exists, but that He is too busy to pay much attention to anything going on here on earth, the cosmos is a big place after all, and what effort it takes to maintain it is quite strenuous for Him, and when you add on there the constant battle with Satan who is always trying to undo all of His work, well, God is just too busy to pay any real attention to us.

Then would come those that believe that He is Sovereign, but only to a degree, Satan still has to be dealt with constantly, and the people here on earth are in need of constant attention. Most of them need to be punished regularly, for they are always screwing up, the rest need to be kept in-line, many trials and troubles must be placed upon them, or they will rebel, and then the real punishment would need to start. Along these same lines are those that believe that instead of punishment, He is nothing but eternal love, never mind your actions. Everyone is loved, all the time no matter what.

Now we arrive at those who for both of those reasons just stated will adhere religiously, to use the word correctly, to all the rules, regulations, laws and traditions set down by the church they attend, for those that stand behind the pulpit are closer to God than they are, they have the robes and the sashes to prove it. Without following those aforementioned stipulations, one of two things will happen, either one will fall out of favor with the Lord, and therefore become an outcast, or one will feel His wrath for not obeying completely these standards. They will serve with fear, but only because of the possible consequences to themselves if they do not.

In every single one of the ideologies stated here, “God” can have many names, and reside in many forms in every nation, but it is not the Sovereign Lord of creation that is being served.

Our last group is the only group that will see heaven, that will reside eternally in the presence of the joy of the Lord. We have been saved by grace through faith, (Eph. 2:8-9) no work that we can accomplish is seen as worthy towards our salvation. The Lord God is Sovereign in all of His creation, His tending of it requires no effort, He neither expends energy nor needs to replace it, He is in control of all things, everywhere, all the time. He allows what He will, and He hinders that which He desires to hinder. No man can judge Him, no man can challenge His authority. Satan is not an adversary to the Almighty, he is no more than a tool used for the glory of God. “I am the LORD, and there is none else, there is no God beside me: I girded thee, though thou hast not known me.” (Isaiah 45:5) If this is who you serve in all humility and reverence, then you are saved by His grace, if it is not, then you are not saved.

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