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It is quite easy to get most people to obey, they have been conditioned to follow from their birth, all that is necessary is the implementation of some adverse factor brought into their lives. The young child who will not obey is not allowed the sweet treat, the one who does is rewarded. The most basic concepts, affirmative behavior towards the set-in place authority figure is rewarded, punishment comes to those who will not.

 It is the amount of punishment that we are willing to accept that determines the amount of service we will give, and these boundaries are tested not only by exterior forces placed upon us, but for the born-again believer by the Word of God. The Lord keeps bringing my mind back to Daniel’s three friends, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah and the time that was allotted to them by God to contemplate their decision as to whether or not they would bow when the image of gold was finished on the plain of Dura. (Daniel 3:5) They had perhaps several months while it was being built to think and pray about the level of obedience they were willing to give in this matter, and perhaps the level that they had been asked of by the king up to that time had been growing, more and more obedience or more and more punishment.

It is the best way to control an individual, rewards or punishments, praise and accolades or trials and sufferings. Those in charge set the rules, rules are to be obeyed, there is no other form of government that works, whether it be of men or God. Our Lord has set in place certain precepts even in this age of grace that He expects to be adhered to, you are to love your neighbor, (Mark 12:31) you are to walk in humility, honorably, serving the Lord God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength. (Mark 12:30) Those who will not are chastised, (Heb. 12:6) those who refuse His Lordship are punished eternally. (Mark 16:16)

Who you serve, to what extent and why shows the character of a man.

Children are taught to obey so that when they strike out on their own they will continue to obey the authority figures above them, the school’s main purpose around the planet is not first to offer knowledge, but to teach socialization skills, to teach a herd mentality so that some form of order can be maintained. The meaner man will believe himself to be above this concept, yet will in himself seek to obtain a position of leadership, thereby continuing the process, albeit only as to his own desires and concepts of what order means.

The one world system, what the world is calling globalization, is fast approaching, the kingdom of Satan here on earth will require complete obedience, failure to comply will be met with harsh consequences. How many friends of Daniel are there left on this planet today, how many can see the signs and are even now preparing their hearts for death when the moment comes that they are told to obey or face the harshest of punishments. This did not start with the masks required now, it will not end with needing to have the proper documentation proving you have received the vaccine so that you may obtain necessary services.

We are being assaulted with not only subtle but blatant lies each day, many of those who follow Christ have left their posts, they have fallen into the first trap on the road, before even reaching the valley of the shadow of death, (Psalm 23:4) they have fallen in the light before the darkness has even arrived. Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah new full well the consequences of their decision if they determined themselves to not bow before the idol, they were not waiting to see what would happen, they were preparing themselves to die. “But if not, be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up.” (Daniel 3:18) They stood their ground, solid ground while more than likely shaking inside, they were prepared long before that day to say this far, no further.

That is the faith that is expected by the Lord for all of those who dare to call Him Father, who dare to profess His Son, Jesus Christ, as Lord. Any less is not acceptable, we are to die to self, (Gal. 2:20) we are to not love our lives even unto death, (Rev. 12:11) we are to obey. I have said this before, and I truly believe it, our Lord is at the winnowing floor, and there is much more chaff than there is wheat. I have witnessed the lost exhibiting more vigor against the corrupt system of the planet than many who call themselves Christians, I have heard voices raised from the lost while the professing Christians slink back home because the church doors have been locked by pastors who call themselves men of God. I have seen people leaving when they have been commanded to stand, and I have seen them bow to the desires of evil men instead of choosing to suffer in even the smallest way for the One who suffered for all.

Who we serve and the amount of that service shows the character of who we are.

Kings do not take lightly to those who attempt to serve two kingdoms, in fact, they are called traitors, seen as untrustworthy and disobedient in the extreme. If you prefer the Old Testament terminology, they are called whores. (Eze. 16:28) We are all going to have to make a decision as to who we serve soon, the consequences of those actions will be placed firmly upon each of us, fear of possible reprisals will not be a viable excuse. If you are not preparing today to obey even unto the point of death, then you are not going to be prepared when the day arrives that you will be told to bow the knee in obedience, or die.

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