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Not By Our Strength

not by our strength
Borrowed Truths

Not By Our Strength

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Eph. 6:12)

I just viewed a short video from a person with good intentions speaking about one of the latest unrighteous acts of those high powers of Spiritual darkness and how we all need to stand against these atrocities. This man is not speaking of the Spiritual realm but understands even at a rudimentary level that what he wants us to stand against was indeed evil, as best as he can understand that word.

What I noticed though was what I have noticed on numerous channels when these topics are brought up, there rarely seems to be any instructions for how the people are to stand.

Do you recall the tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of people protesting across the planet just two or three years ago? Can you point out one change they accomplished by their form of standing?

When all this is over for those who have been born-again, when we are removed at the Rapture, I will never have to pen these words again, what is approaching cannot be stopped, and I add these to them today, you should not want it to be stopped.

I know some of you find these words hard to swallow, and may even view me as a fatalist, just wanting to escape that which we know is coming, but I bring this to your attention, our adversary is reaching his zenith, so to speak, and very soon the wrath of God is going to fall upon this planet. He will be chained, Satan and those who fell with him will no longer be able to influence anyone for almost a thousand years.

Will there be sin in the Millennial period, yes, of course. “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;” (Romans 3:23) That will not change once those who live through the days of Jacob’s Troubles begin to have children, and then, in just a short time, what will the righteous need to do? Again?


“Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?” (Psalm 94:16)

Beyond prayer, which is indeed a potent weapon, how we are to stand today then, what should the man in that video had said if he knew the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior? We have one offensive weapon, the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God. Not our opinions, not words that speak of the Almighty, but the words of God Himself.

“No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.” (Isaiah 54:17)

Truth can be denied, it can be twisted, and the one we are to stand against is the best that has ever been created at doing so. “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” (James 4:7) Try doing that in the strength of your own power and you will be defeated in the battle.

Those who believe protest signs, their voices on social media, their votes or any other worldly attempt they may conjure up is going to give them the strength to stand against what they believe are evil men, those we know as wickedness in high places, are going to be very disappointed.

The Holy Spirit uses men of God called by God for the glory of God to stand against wickedness, against unrighteousness, and these men know without a doubt that it is not by any of their words, no matter how much they lift up the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that will win the battle. Only God’s words will, and again, since what is approaching cannot be stopped, perhaps it can be hindered just long enough to reach one more lost soul.

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