Borrowed Truths

No Higher Calling

no higher calling
Borrowed Truths

No Higher Calling

Many, I will say most, individuals that you will meet in this life possess little to no debatable reasoning skills, they were not taught deductive thinking, but mere memorization of known or perceived facts. Although they may be well versed in the trade they have employed themselves in, and can discuss it at length, although they may have within them cognitive skills, the ability to foresee an upcoming need related to their chosen field, even if they have attained a high level of ability and position, rarely will you find a person that is filled with what is important in this life. “All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned everyone to his own way; and the LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.” (Isaiah 53:6)

All these individuals, no matter their perceived intelligence quota, their I.Q., no matter their wealth or stature, have availed their lives to the pursuit of dust, they have sought only that which will pass away. From the common man who performs the repetitive daily tasks laid before him, whose main conversational topics revolve around the weather, what is happening in his local community, and the world that touches him, to the chief executive officer of the largest corporation, all possess skills and devote their lives to that which is of absolutely no eternal value, save for those who know Christ as Lord. Sadly though, many of these fall into the same category, life and all of its possibilities are rendered more attention than to Him in which all things are possible, their knowledge of the Most High is limited only because they have determined that it should remain so.

“Then shalt thou understand the fear of the LORD, and find the knowledge of God.” (Prov. 2:5) No man is ever going to understand God Almighty fully and completely, but he can find no finer pursuit in this life, all else is searching for less than what is available to us, what we have been called to do. No works of any value will ever proceed from the lost, not one, but few fruits will come from those who have been saved by His grace that do not first seek the face of Jesus Christ, not just in difficult times, not only from the voice of the pastor on Sunday morning, but every moment of everyday, none can serve well who do not submit fully.

In part the reasoning skills we possess are part of who we are, how we were made, I doubt Adam needed to be instructed in every facet of how to tend the garden, the builders of the temple in the desert, (Exo. 26-30) had certain skills, yet the Lord placed within them a greater knowledge for the task at hand. We are to use what we have been given, but we are to daily seek the kingdom of God, (Matt. 6:33) we are to contemplate Him every waking moment, (2 Cor. 10:5) we are to study to show yourselves approved, (2 Tim. 2:15) then, and only then, can you step beyond being the servant who has only done that which was commanded of him to do, (Luke 17:10) then, when you have truly begun to die to self, will the Lord God Almighty beginning to bless you with deductive reasoning skills meant only for His glory, then  knowledge will become easy. (Prov. 14:6)

What awaits us in glory is in part available to us in this life, those who have been and are your teachers in the Word are just like you are, they have only done one thing more, they have submitted to the will of God in every area of their life, they have determined that there is no higher calling of a man than to set his face like a flint in the pursuit of Jesus Christ, they have begun, as much as His mercy allows, to die to self, they are crucified with Christ. With this comes great danger, for the adversary will notice you, pride will enter into your heart at times, you will see those around you who only profess Him with their lips as an offense to the Most High, the lost will become a burden upon your soul daily. But you will gain more than those burdens that weigh you down, you will become cognizant of the word Sovereign, you will come to realize that every promise of the Word of God is true, eternity will rest in your heart, the fact of the truth that absolutely nothing is impossible with God will lead you with confidence in every step you take. You will fear no man, your life will become one of daily frustration and great humility. “For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.” (Eccl. 1:18)

The life of the Spirit filled born-again believer is the most difficult life any man can walk, but it is the only one of value, and it is the only one all who have given their lives to Christ should be on. You will find little joy in this world, you will come to realize that happiness here is nothing more than the world’s cheap imitation of joy, you will understand loneliness, but you will come to the truth that even if all forsake you, it will mean nothing to you, for Christ is still yours. The lost cannot comprehend these words, few Christians desire to go this far with Him, but this life is available to all who will but ask.

A glorified body in heaven is not going to change your desire to serve, the mind and heart that submits today is the mind that is prepared for glory, there is no higher calling than to seek Jesus Christ for His sake alone.

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