Borrowed Truths

Never Uncertain

Borrowed Truths

Never Uncertain

I was listening recently to a popular Christian radio program that had on as one of their guest a psychologist, and though I was unaware of his complete credentials, I am presuming that this man was a Christian, and that his main focus is on assisting other fellow believers with difficulties that they are experiencing. Although it can be difficult to discern another individuals walk with our Lord by simply listening to a short twenty minute radio broadcast, his doctrine seemed sound and his belief that the word of God is sufficient for all of our spiritual needs were properly expounded, though he was of course a Christian psychologist, and so I cannot say how much of man’s ideology is externalized within the field that he has chosen. There are believers who at times and for various reasons need to seek out those who are more mature in their faith, but also are well trained in the areas of the mind, as it were, those who have devoted their lives to assisting others who are unable for whatever reason to manage issues that have arisen in their lives that are difficult for them to discern, that have become a hindrance in their continued walk with the Lord. There are many members in the body of Christ, and each of us have a specific task placed upon us, and before us, that we are asked to accomplish by our Lord.

 The issue, if you will, that I would contend with this gentleman would be in the area of stress that he mentioned, specifically in Matthew 26:37, where he stated his belief that our Lord was under extreme stress and uncertainty at this critical moment in His life, “And began to be sorrowful and very heavy.” Many other versions of the Scriptures use the words troubled, distressed, even sad here. In this man’s interpretation, he believes that stress causes uncertainty, and for the vast majority of the human race I would wholeheartedly agree, but for Jesus Christ, even in His human form, I must disagree. There are some Christians that believe that our Lord was more God than man while he was here, and vice-versa, that He was less God and more man, while in reality the balance was perfect, He was, and is, both to the exact degree. His two natures, the human and the divine, could not be seen as separate, and both are in perfect harmony with each other.

Our Lord accepted willingly all that the Father placed before Him to accomplish on this earth, and He did so knowing full well what the end result would be, even before the foundation of the world. He foreknew all of the incredible pain and anguish his body would experience, from the very first punch thrown by a Roman soldier, to the piercing of His hands and feet. He also was quite aware beforehand of the pain and sorrow in his heart that He would experience as He watched Judas walk out of the upper room to betray Him, hearing in the distance as His friend Peter denied Him three times, the sorrow of His heart was as great as the pain He would experience in His body, nothing was unseen or uncertain for Him.

He knew full well before there were hills, valleys, sea or sky that for a moment in time, time that He Himself created, He would be separated from His loving Father, and face every last bit of Gods fury and wrath, an incomprehensible thought, especially when you think of who He suffered all this for, you. He prayed earnestly to our heavenly Father that there might be a different way, (Luke 22:42) that perhaps there could be another path that would bring the possibility of repentance to us, but He knew this was the only way, and He willingly submitted to it. Do not be so naïve to think that our Lord was the first person ever to be crucified my friends, this was a common occurrence at that time, were there not two beside Him on that hill. (Matt. 27:38) The Romans were cruel in their pursuit of complete obedience and submission to the will of Rome and our Lord saw those that were placed on crosses long before He Himself was nailed to one.

He was well aware of the incredible pain that His body would feel, and He was never uncertain that this was His path, He had known it before the heavens and earth were created. He knew for fact that He would be separated from the Father, that His terrible wrath would fall upon Him for our sakes, that He would rise again and sit again at the right hand of the Father. The infant Jesus knew this, the man Jesus knew it, the King of Kings knew all of this, our Lord has never known, and will never know, one single moment of uncertainty. He is the Lord of now and eternity, He is never surprised, unsure or uncertain of anything, He does not look into the past or foresee the future, He is in all places at all times. The one who created time is not controlled by His creation, nor subject to any of its limitations.

By becoming in form a man, our Lord experienced everything that any of us could ever experience, (Heb. 2:10-18) He was tempted but did not fall to temptation, (Matt. 4) He wept because of our sadness, (John 11:35) He endured the cross to fulfill the will of the Father. (Isa. 53) He left some of His attributes in heaven for our sakes, but if there was one thing our Lord never was it was uncertain about anything, He knew full well at all times what He was doing and why He was doing it.

Christian psychologist have a place in this world, a very necessary place for some, but we must always remember that every single issue, problem, trial, trouble, whatever terminology that you desire to use that comes into the true believers life is either sent or allowed by God to come into our lives for His glory, all the answers are in the Word of God when it comes to our spiritual walk with Him, it is only in our lack of trust in His sovereign will for us that we seek help outside of the Scriptures. If we do not trust Him fully, then the future will continue to be uncertain for us in our minds, the events that are unfolding will create confusion within us, and Satan is the author of confusion. (1st Cor. 14:11) “Hath not God said,” (Gen. 3:1) brings uncertainty every time, my friends.

Has He not proven over and over again that He can be trusted, hasn’t He shown in so many ways that His love for you is unending, are not all of His words faithful and true. Uncertainty means lack of trust, and to use this term in relation of the Father to the Son is beyond absurd. If we are to become as Christ is, if we are becoming conformed into the image of His Son the Lord Jesus Christ, (Rom. 8:29) then uncertainty is not a word that should be in our vocabulary when it comes to our faith in Christ in any area of our lives, it should be replaced with the word trust.     

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