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Mrs. Job

mrs Job
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Mrs. Job

“Then said his wife unto him, Dost thou still retain thine integrity? curse God, and die.” (Job 2:9)

Such is what Job’s wife said to him, she also lost everything, her home, children, even in a sense her husband, who sat out there in the open with his so-called friends. She may have tried talking to him about how she felt, but perhaps Job was too involved with his own personal loss at the moment, or maybe she just wasn’t that much of a talkative woman in those days.

Have you noticed how beyond those words she is not a part of the account given, nothing from Satan or the Lord, nothing even after they had more children, not one sentence but the one verse in Job chapter 2. They’re important words though, very important, because they speak a truth of those days, if you cursed God, you died, no two ways about it. These were not spoken as an idle threat, something to retort towards Job to get him to shut up, if he cursed God, he would die.

We live in the age of grace, an age that is coming to an end, any who have been blessed by the Lord with Spiritual discernment can see that these words are self-evident. People have been cursing God for quite some time now, millions of them, and I don’t see a lot of them dying because of it. The action of grace is more than any of us can comprehend, sin is allowed to basically run rampant, men are lovers of self, they are wicked, evil and corrupt, and yet they live sumptuously in some cases as the rich man did. (Luke 16:19)

Both those who are lining up for the vaccine and those who march up and down the streets with their signs do not understand these days, grace is a foreign word to them. I have yet in all of the hundreds of videos I have watched of all of the protests, some with tens of thousands of people in them, seen a sign that reads, “Repent ye: For the kingdom of God is at hand.” (Matt.3:2) It has been a long time since John the Baptist uttered those words, a long time for the grace of God to allow men to exercise their free will, going against His will and Word as they please, giving no pause to the consequences of a life lived apart from His mercy.

Grace, in part, must allow the most horrific evils to play out, it must allow the lost to do as they please, anything else, and those who committed those acts, those who curse God, would surely die. What we are witnessing in the world today is pure evil, it is sin coming to a  pinnacle, it is the heart of man which is continuously evil, (Gen. 6:5) expressing itself, and it is grace, the grace of God allowing it to do so.

These days are coming to an end, the age of the gentiles, (Luke 21:24) is coming to a close, He gave us almost two thousand years. Soon, great pain and suffering will begin, soon not only will Satan begin unhindered to attack all of mankind, but the wrath of God will begin to be imposed upon all humanity. “There is no fear of God before their eyes.” (Romans 3:18)

There will be.

They will beg for the rocks to fall on them, (Rev. 6:16) they will plead to be able to die, and will not be allowed to, (Rev. 9:6) they will curse God, and they will die.

It will be interesting to hear Mrs. Job’s account of those days, she may be one of the strongest women in these regards that ever walked the earth. The days are upon us, of this there can be no doubt, continue on the path, do not rest until we are called home.

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