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Mow the Yard

mow the yard
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Mow the Yard

We are maintaining sporting event fields that are not being used, mowing, weeding, spraying, some places have even left the timers on the lighting, brilliance upon an empty, silent auditorium. Signs are sprouting up all across the planet on soccer fields, football, baseball, basketball, every sport imaginable, telling us to refrain from entering the finely manicured lawns, offering us a form of supposed security for our right to freedom, enforcing upon all the supposed good for all. These places that are not in disrepair are kept that way to instill hope, hope that everything will return to normal, as we like to call it, that once again all those, from the champions in the greatest coliseum to the children learning to play the game, will once again take the field to make us all cheer, to give us a reason to purchase that jersey or bumper sticker, to give us hope that “There’s always next year.”

Is this the beginnings of sorrows? (Matt. 24:8) I am no seer, God has given me no personal insight, “But of that day and hour knoweth no man,” (Matt. 24:36) but I can see fear, I can see hopelessness, I can see the feigned attempts of those in positions of authority over us here in this earthly realm to calm the masses, to reassure. The perception of normalcy, as much as possible, must be maintained at all cost, the mob must not rule, anarchy will ensue, and then those who believe themselves to have a better plan, a better way, will rule, and that is not always the best thing. But all rule on this planet comes at the cost of obedience to the rules, no matter who is in charge.

The granting of certain rights and the fear of personal repercussions is all that keeps the mob at bay, without some semblance of order, there is chaos. Not always does the Lord God set a man in position over others who is right and honest, sometimes He sets vile men on the throne, Scripture and the history of man shows clear evidence of this. The powers that be at this time are attempting to quell the ire of the masses through masks of normalcy, the parks must be maintained, but we are not allowed to use them, the venues must be kept in working order, but no one is allowed to enter, the field must be manicured, but no event will be held there.

As I said, I do not know if this is the beginnings of sorrows, I only know that the Lord reigns on high, that He is in control, always has been, always will be, I know what I have been commanded to do, you are reading the proof of that right now. The world will continue to offer false hope, it will continue to mow the yards and maintain the infrastructure, in fact my friends, even during the horrific time of the great and terrible day of the Lord, the great tribulation, there will be people doing the same thing, hope must be maintained, but the hope of the lost is a lost cause indeed, they will live for themselves and the world, some doing what they consider good, others not so much, they will continue to believe, no matter what the circumstances are, that there will be a better day tomorrow, that if they just pull together, everything will be alright, it will all work out in the end.

No matter what signs the Lord decides to reveal to them, some will not believe, they will look to their leaders, other men of the world for answers, and they will continue to believe whatever is told them. “For after all, are we not mowing the yard, are we not, as best we can, tending to the garden, have courage, these things will pass, if we all pull together, we can get through this.”

Good luck with that.

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