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Move Right In

We are living in the land of Canaan, and we have decided to intermingle with them. We have the same debt load, we watch the same television programs, we attend their festivals, we have become what we are not to be. In a nutshell, as they used to say, we cannot be told apart, and sadly, many would prefer it that way, they want the best of both worlds.

I believe that far too many do not see this as a problem, my lovely wife and I actually know of an older couple, whose husband in the family is an elder in an “Evangelical” church in town, who enjoy watching Joel Osteen. I use them as an example because it shows just how much many “Christians” have determined that obeying the Word of God only goes as far as they want to obey, there is a line that they draw, and any possibility of being seen as “too much of a Christian” is where that line will stay.

These individuals want to be seen as not only a part of God’s family, but as good people, welcome in the community because they do not “push” their faith upon anyone, they are just as content in their own church as they are at an Easter egg hunt or following the prescribed order at a Roman Catholic funeral or wedding. They actually see no problem in this, for they believe in the “why can’t we all just get along” motto, that every faith, as long as it at least mentions the name of God, must be a Christian faith.

Needless to say, there is very little application of the Word of God here, they do not see these actions as being unequally yoked, (2 Cor. 6:14) but instead as the “Christian way to be.”

I speak not so much here to those who have only been saved a very short period of time, though many times that mold is broken, but most generally to those who have a few years of service in, to those who are not unfamiliar to the truths found in the Scriptures. “The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.” (Prov. 22:7) So, why are you in debt? “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?” (2 Cor. 6:14) So, why are many of your close friends still living in Canaan, why do some believers not fear the wrath of God anymore?

Because they think outside of the Scriptures, they believe that they can be friends with the world and the people in it, going directly against the Word of God, (James 4:4) they believe it best to become their friends, and then hopefully not get drug too far back into the world, but they do. And they use the defense that they are strong enough in their faith to do so. Direct disobedience will never lead to obedience, the commandments of the Lord can never be bent, only broken.

These individuals are not deceived by Satan or any of the fallen angels, they do not need to spend anytime with them, they have already deceived themselves. To speak with them is to incur their wrath, to attempt to help them see the light of the truth is to invoke their ire, for in their minds they see no fault, they are loved and forgiven. You must remember, I am not speaking of those in what could be considered some religious organization, but in what could in some ways at least, be called an Evangelical church.

Few will stand against these individuals for the same reasons they themselves will not stand, they do not want to be ostracized, they do not want to be called judgmental or contentious, but if you seek the glory of God, and you know these traits to be true in an individual, you must say the truth to them. My guess though is that Matthew 18:16 will not be applied, for in many of these churches you will not find a brother to take with you the second time it is necessary to confront them, much less believing the entire church will stand against this sin. If you are being convicted by the Holy Spirit in this area, and you do not act, you might as well go sit beside these people in the pews.

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4 thoughts on “Move Right In”

  1. Stanley Mathai

    Just a little application of the Word of God and a litle discernment will let anyone know that Joel Osteen is a charlatan and a false teacher.

    Yet another one is Rick Warren,
    Almost 15 yrs ago we had a new pastor appointed at our church, when he arrived he brought with him couple of boxes filled with pocket size books “The Purpose Driven Life” written by Rick Warren, to be freely distributed among the church members. Opening the boxes i immediately told the pastor that Rick Warren is a false teacher. He did not listened to me, and after this so many years he considers me as equal to the muslim prophet mohammed, when once again i confronted him on the subject that “women are not allowed to be pastors”. He said that my thoughts are like mohammed who also considered women as foolish and will burn in hell.
    Those thoughts still grieves me.

  2. BorrowedTruths

    Many years ago I witnessed to an elderly gentleman who had been attending a Lutheran church that believed that if a person was not baptized, he would go to hell, along with many other unscriptural ideas. Even after explaining everything from the Word of God to him of the errors of the church he attended, he said to me, ” I have been going there for 50 years, and I am not going to stop now, right or wrong.
    Once we speak the truth to someone Stanley, our responsibility to them is over, they will stand alone before the Lord to give an account, hopefully a few moments after they die, and not a 1,000 years from now at the Great White Throne of Judgment.
    The truths of the Word of God can never be bent, only broken.

  3. Stanley Mathai

    They themselves have broken the truths of the Word of God and for this cause the spiritual condition of the Church is declining, and they hold the most senior position in the diocese.
    If he would have taken the biblical view about what is written for the women’s role in the Church, i too might have continued the discussion on the subject. In the beginning he used some referrences about Deborah and Huldah and few verses from the New Testament, but as i refuted those claims, he used that non biblical example of mohammed to justify his position and that was very saddening, and then i stopped.
    Since last few years the online community is my Church, nowhere else to go!

  4. BorrowedTruths

    You are a man of God being led in the wisdom of God. If you have a place to live, then you have a place where others can meet for one hour or more a week to be taught the Word of God. “Likewise greet the church that is in their house.” Romans 16:5a
    This you must leave in the hands of God.

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