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This “woke” society, which in its proper terminology should be termed “awakened,” is nothing more than a few squeaky wheels with the financial wherewithal to express their ideologies on a grand scale, but do not be deceived, those few have the ability to coerce many, for the father of lies is their leader, and he knows full well how to manipulate the ways of human thought.

Its first tenet of course is pride, I should be able to do what I want, when I want, all else is seen as oppression, I should be able to be who I believe myself to be, and you should be forced to accept me as I see myself, or you are being judgmental and discriminatory. Pride needs to be fed continuously, it is never satisfied, and it is always looking for its next victim.

It is quite easy to see those whom the Lord has blessed with spiritual understanding, (Col. 1:9) that every tenet that the “woke” society stands upon stands directly in opposition to the Word of God, though I doubt many who have willingly determined to follow this path are even aware of this, but he whom they serve, also most likely unknowingly, knows full well what he is doing, he is performing the tasks that have been appointed unto him, keep their eyes off of the truth, and attempt to coerce all who claim Christ as Lord to see the “compassion” that they are supposed to entreat those lost souls to. It is indeed quite a devious endeavor, and one that is succeeding for him.

To stand against sin now is to be judgmental, and to be so will cause one to be criticized, mocked, ridiculed, and perhaps even sued, placed in prison, or worse. Once again, fear is the optimal weapon and sadly it is working against all of what many who sit in church profess. Just a few short years ago, a man who dressed like a woman was removed from society and offered phycological counseling, today even the suggestion of that can have dire consequences in those nations that have willingly dove into sin. And that is of course exactly what it is, and there are reasons that it is so prevalent, all of them lead though to false conclusions, either there is no belief in God Almighty, there is a perception that He loves all and died on the cross so we could be happy, or they do not see Him as powerful enough to do anything about it.

Just because the master of the house has gone on a long trip does not mean that He will not return, and as the children of Israel did in the wilderness, when Moses was gone for what they had determined was too long of a period of time, the people will begin to corrupt themselves. For many sadly, the fear of the Lord is only relevant to the circumstances that surround them at the moment, when the storm is coming, when death is imminent, when sorrow will not abate. And what does the Lord do in that moment, does He respond with, “Oh, that’s alright, I understand?” No, He laughs at their trouble. (Prov. 1:26) One must either create a god that enfolds one’s beliefs, or we must submit to the will of God, no matter how we “feel” about it.

The “woke” society has claimed a new god for themselves, they have made their golden calf, it is called self, and it rules not only in every area of their lives, but they are determined that it will rule in yours also. This is not some passing phase of humanity, this is not going to go away, it is going to increase, in both its adamancy and in its violence, in its hatred against all that stand against it, it is the dawning of the age of man in their eyes, and all who attempt to stand against it will be destroyed in one form or another. I know this for a fact, because the Word of God is true. “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.” (2 Tim. 3:1)

The “woke” in their own way are repeating 2 Peter 3:4, “Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.” And sadly, as the children of Jacob screamed, cried, and were destroyed just moments after Moses returned from the mountain, these also shall experience the full fury and wrath of God.

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