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Any man, worth his weight, as they like to say, is judged by other men by who that man sets in authority over himself, who it is that they have determined to follow. Men do not place themselves under authority without contemplation, without a definitive purpose, whether that purpose be self-serving or for others, what he is doing by this is placing himself into a position of being governed, of being told what to do, and that is not the place that men like to be.

Now, you must understand my particular ideologies concerning what I am calling men here, for there are in my mind only two types, men and guys, some nations might call them blokes, some fellows, but the names are irrelevant. The title man is not the same as all the other names, and for this one overriding reason, who they will willingly place in authority over them.

Men do not like to be told what to do, and in every opportunity they will not do that thing unless they have determined to do it willingly and for their own reasons. This matters not if it is obeying the traffic laws, standing politely in line at the market, or paying their taxes, there is one thing that you must realize that sets these individuals apart from the crowd, they obey only because they choose to, for they fear no consequences for their actions. In your mind perhaps you are envisioning the rebel, the criminal, the one who goes against the will of all authority, but that is not a man. Men respect authority when it is for a just and righteous reason, and he stands just as strongly in that stance as he does against those rules and regulations that the wicked have attempted to place over him for their own cause.

This is why I have stated many times that there are no men who are not saved, there are no men save for those who have come to the realization that God alone is Sovereign, and that He alone, because He is Holy, is worth giving their fealty to, He alone is worth placing themselves under authority to. “I am the LORD, and there is none else, there is no God beside me: I girded thee, though thou hast not known me.” (Isaiah 45:5) This means to that man that every law, every precept of God is to be followed, without question this man will, to the best of his ability, submit himself willingly to the commandments that the Lord has set down for all.

He is commanded to love not only his neighbor, (Mark 12:31) but his enemy, (Matt. 5:44) and so he does, he is commanded to not love the world or even himself, (John 12:25) and so he does not, he does as he is told to do, not out of fear, but out of respect, out of a love that first showed itself to him. (1 John 4:19)

Men do not follow weak individuals, when they see wrong, they speak against it, they do no compromise, no matter if it is on the street corner or coming from the pulpit, men do not fear the consequences to themselves, they are, in the highest possible terms, the only soldiers on the planet, for they serve only that which is always right, always Holy, always and forever the only Sovereign Lord of all. They are subject to the authorities over them, (Romans 13:1) until those authorities go against the will and Word of God, they are the epitome, save for Jesus Christ, of the word meek, again, willingly, for they understand fully the power that rests upon them from the Most High.

Many who call themselves Christians see these men as too contentious, too adamant, too unyielding, and will attempt to bring them down to their level, the world sees them in fear, for they will not back down from those values that they know are of and for the Lord, and the adversary hates them above all others, and if he cannot make them fall publicly, he will do all that he is allowed to do to either thwart the path that the Lord has laid before them, or to kill them.

There is only one way to become this man, you must submit completely, and fully to the will of the Holy Spirit, you must totally die to self, (Gal. 2:20) you must willingly place yourself on that cross with Christ and be crucified, and then until you are called home from the work, you must carry that cross. (Matt. 16:24) There is no other way.

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