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“Why would God let this happen to me?” “A benevolent God would never throw anyone into hell.” “Jesus is love, He loves everyone, we are all God’s children.”

Quite different from just a generation or two ago, when the Almighty was seen as just that, Almighty, completely and totally in charge of all that is, more than just a “force to be reckoned with,” but eternal and all-powerful.

The type of love that the general population of the world is envisioning when thoughts turn occasionally to what or who they might call God are not really thoughts of love, but ones of apathy, based on who they see themselves as. They are, for the most part, good people in their own eyes, and good people go to the good place, bad people go to the bad place, problem is, their conceptualization of good and bad is not based within the Word of God.

Here again I must be specific, the King James Bible is the inerrant Word of God, another venue that Satan has employed workers in, false Scriptures. With so many either completely disbelieving in the Lord, or presenting a false view of Him to themselves, that of love for all no matter what, except for maybe the “really bad people,” what is going to begin here on earth very soon will not be attributed to God, but to some dark, malevolent force, or at least for a little while longer, the effects of what is called climate change.

Any and all that Satan can do to keep the thoughts off of any and all that he can towards Christ he will do, it is what he does. An individual is all it takes to begin to move a plan forward, others will inevitably fall under the same spell, and the more realistic the lie is, the greater the ease to pull in the doubtful. What the Lord is doing to warn humanity through His creation will, for as long as possible, be attributed to climate change, whether it be rain, fire, or earthquake, a scientific explanation will be believed by those whose eyes are blinded to the truth.

The willingness of those who are accepting the vaccination and the benefits that will be awarded to those because of their obedience are a clear sign of the coming of the mark of the beast, (Rev. 13:17) the falling away of the church, (2 Thess. 2:3) these and more are just some of the sure signs, signs that not one single man of God would dare announce unless he was sure, truth is what we stand for, and the deception of the world has never been clearer.

The reasons being expounded by unsaved men for climate change is a lie, the supposed pandemic is a lie, the reasons spoken of for the coming economic crash is a lie, all is a diversion, all is meant to take our eyes off of the truths of the Word of God. Truth is now seen as hate speech, the Word of God as racist and bigoted, and those who have determined that God, if He does exist, is nothing but love will soon find that they have been deceived, hopefully before their final breath.

We are not all children of God, we were all created by Him, but few there are that are justified (Romans 8:30) and sanctified, (Heb. 10:14) that have been born-again, (John 3:7) that have been crucified with Christ, (Gal. 2:20) that are a holy, set-apart people, (2 Cor. 6: 14-17) and they are the only ones who know the truth. “But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.” (James 1:22) We have a responsibility, a task to perform, we have been chosen to warn. Do so, time is short.

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2 thoughts on “Lies”

  1. Hi brother, stanley again.
    Seems like your website is under development?
    I cannot access other pages that contains Borrowed Truths (that contains short quotes) and other pages.
    There is laid up a crown of righteousness,…… unto all them also that love his appearing.
    2 Timothy 4:8

  2. Thanks for the update, I wasn’t aware of the problem. The person that maintains the technical side of the website is going to look at it Stanley. Hopefully he can get it fixed soon. Stay strong, stay in the Word, things are getting difficult out there for a lot of our brothers and sisters.
    “A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.” (Prov. 22:3)

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