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Led Astray

One of the greatest tools that our enemy uses against those who attempt to follow the Lord is doubt, and by doing so he has been able to keep the eyes and mind of billions of souls from seeing Christ. I have spoken with individuals that believe if a person is not completely immersed in water that they will spend eternity in hell, those that believe by sprinkling water on infants they are washing away original sin, that if one does not speak in tongues, a language foreign to them, that they have not shown the fruits of the Spirit. There are religious organizations, cults actually, that believe they can turn a wafer into Christ Himself, that certain words must be repeated continuously to atone for their sins, there are actually people out there that think that if you get sick then you must have committed some sin, that particular works must be done, or salvation will not be assured.

My friends, I have spoken with people who do not believe that Jesus is God.

There is one central problem with every single one of these individuals, and it is more than a little frustrating to me, it causes great anger at times within me, these people are calling themselves Christians. When these individuals cross my path, or better yet, when the Lord brings them into my life for a few moments, it would be quite easy to spend many hours on the particular subject at hand, for they have no ears to hear, and instead of contemplating the Scripture verses that refute their beliefs, they hold firm onto the lies they have either been taught or have concocted within themselves, they are not weaker brothers, they are the lost, they have been led astray and have misconceived the path they are on to be the correct one.

While I attempt with the exposition of one or two verses from the Word of God to reprove them in love, they will spend countless words upon the subject, pulling many verses completely out of context to attempt to make their position seem tenable.

The deceit of our enemy is strong, but the Word of God is stronger, our responsibility is to expound on the truths of the Scripture, to cause doubt within those who espouse these lies, but without much prayer and the studying of the Word of God you will fail in your attempts to sway them, to bring them by the Scriptures to the knowledge of the truth. To a degree, we are attempting to penetrate the wiles of the devil, but one must consider this, many of these individuals actually believe what they are saying, for while we are all accountable for ourselves, the blame initially may be laid at the feet of Satan, but soon the lie becomes a part of these people, they actually believe what they are saying, and it is here at this point, when the knowledge of this truth is given to us by the Holy Spirit, that we must shake the dust off of our feet and move on, (Matt. 10:14) we must stop casting the priceless pearls of the Word of God before swine, (Matt. 7:6) and leave these individuals to their own rewards.

I have little problem doing so at times, but it does not avert the anger that I feel towards them, for in many cases they are leading silly women astray, (2 Tim. 3:6) they are professing a Christ that does not exist to a world of barely sentient beings who believe more than they should, who are swayed merely by words.

We are ambassadors of God, we are the ones that He has chosen to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, not to fall into the trap of Satan, not to only be concerned with our own personal walk with Christ, not to leave all the work to the pastor in the area of reaching out to the lost, we are to be defenders of the faith with the only weapon at our disposal, the Word of God.

Perhaps you feel the Lord has not called you in this area, you would be wrong, and must consider the reason why you are remaining unprofitable, why you have chosen not to apply the Scriptures any further than to your own life. I have had conversations with these individuals also.

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