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Keep Your Cause Christ

keep your cause christ
Borrowed Truths

Keep Your Cause Christ

As of today, the “big” news in the United States is the election of a new president, but the people in Chili could not care less who the president of the U.S. is, no matter how much the news pushes the point in the States. The people in Australia have very little concern with the abnormal weather in Chili, they have “major” issues of their own, as do the people in Russia, the ones in the town a few hundred miles away from where you live, and the neighbors down the street from where you live.

The objective is to keep our attention fixed on something, anything, to never allow us to feel content, at least not for a lengthy period of time. Any contention, any possibility for worry or concern, anything to keep our minds off of Christ. This is no game with our adversary my friends, this is not some part-time endeavor with those in the demonic realm, from the subtle to the outright blatant lies, which he is the father of, no human being is to be allowed continual rest, none are to be allowed to debate within themselves the reason for their existence, to glorify the Most High.

The captivation of nearly every news agency, television program, internet access has allowed Satan’s plan to begin to unfurl as never before, although individualized content on certain places like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and others can still be used to bring people to the knowledge of the salvation of God through Christ, many are being denied access because of their definition of what appropriate means, that the subject matter does not revolve around the concerns of the world, but in the contentment that Christ offers. Any who understand spiritual matters understand the reason the world hates Christ, and those who follow Him, it is because we serve without question righteousness, and the world is wicked, His name alone will get you killed in certain places on this planet, much less words that speak to those whom the wrath of God is abiding on, (John 3:36) about their need for a Savior.

“If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you,” (John 15:18) is becoming more and more of a reality today, churches are being protested against because their faith is in Christ, not in a mask or vaccine, we are being singled out because we place our devotion to Christ above that of our nation, our city, or town, the ideologies of the path of the world. The born-again believer who leaves the room when the dirty joke is being told is one thing, the one who stands against those in authority in their nation, or even city, because they are known as evil, and thus to be spoken against, are no longer debated with, they are now punished and prosecuted.

We are to obey every law placed upon us by those who are in authority over us, for they are placed there by God (Rom. 13:1) unless they go against the will and Word of God. You may pick any cause you want to debate on this topic, stopping at a red light is not the same as legal abortion, paying your taxes is not the same as allowing certain individuals to remain unpunished while others are placed behind bars for the same crime.

This is the plan, it has always been the plan, bring something new to our attention each and every week, sometimes every day, make it seem as if nothing else in life matters, anything and everything to keep our minds off the Savior and His promises to the faithful. This will become a daily battle for our minds my brothers and sisters, not our souls, for “all souls are mine,” (Eze. 18:4) but in these last days the elect must not rest for one moment, for the deceptions, the diversions will grow exponentially. Be wise as serpents, (Matt. 10:16) “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;” (2 Cor. 10:5) in every news event, every media statement, in everything that they attempt to make us believe is so very important, ask yourself this, is the hand of God in it, or is it meant to take my thoughts off of the Savior and His promises, can it be used to glorify the Almighty, or is it just more trash meant to fool the masses and continue the diversion of what, of who, is coming.

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