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Just Some Tips

Today we will be going over the main principles of how to become unprofitable servants of the Most High God, this will of course assume that you indeed first been saved by His grace and are truly a born-again believer. So then, let us begin.

One of the first attributes of the followers of Christ is their in-depth, continuing knowledge of His book, the Holy Bible, so then, the first step to becoming unprofitable would be to cease reading His instruction manual. “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.” (2 Tim 3:16) And so of course one who does not read, much less study with intent those words can in no fashion become profitable. Without the instructional manual, no information can be attained that would be of any significant value to the increase, or profitability of the servant.

 For those whose desire is to become constant in this state, one must include televised content, radio and other forms of broadcast that are relevant in their discourse upon the Scriptures, the less of the Word and knowledge of God we allow to come into our minds and hearts, the less profitable we will become. The lack of opening the Scriptures is the main attribute that will assist all of the children of God from being profitable for His kingdom.

There are other avenues of course available, one of the best is to adhere to the precepts of man above those that Almighty God has set in place, and here is where we will find the world a most useful place. The music, the venues available to the eyes, in fact, all of the senses of man can be appeased within the context of the world, the sights and adventures if offers are more than enough to continually draw you away from the path that the Lord Jesus has set many of His children upon. The world possess’ excellent opportunities for not only these attributes that the unprofitable servant might seek out, but is also the perfect place for the mind to wander, to daydream, to covet and lust. A lifetime of temporary experiences and actions is a sure-fire way to remain unprofitable for the kingdom of His Glory, and is the best avenue for what will assist you next, the praise of men. (John 12:43)

Generally speaking, those who are not seeking the things of God, (Matt. 6:33) are seeking the praise of men, and this is an excellent opportunity to become an even greater unprofitable servant. The opportunities to receive the accolades of men are unbounded within the structure of the world, recognition is easily accessible, and the advent of pride that comes along with these awards are enough to ensure a life of unprofitability. “For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life,” (1 John 2:16) are all perfect venues to attain to for those who desire to not be used for the advancement of the kingdom of the Most High.

Another also would be the lack of speaking to others about Jesus Christ, this will ensure not only the ability to remain viewed in the eyes of those in the world as one of them, but will also enable the believer to move about them freely without concern of personal retribution from the lost. To fit in with the world is one of the greatest advancements towards unprofitability, the ability to be unseen as a child of God will assist greatly those who seek this path.

If our thoughts are not kept captive for Christ, (2 Cor. 10:5) then they will stray elsewhere, and this can be the most demanding challenge for the one who has purposed to be of no value to the kingdom. The mind must be consumed with the greatest adversary of profitability, self. Every thought possible must center upon yourself, how the life you are living can be devoted to the carnal, the worldly, the acceptable tactics of the world and all of its pleasures. This is a key aspect, and must be concentrated upon daily, for if any part of the Scriptures re-enter your thoughts, they will begin to convict you towards them, and the goal is to remain saved while showing no interior or exterior view of that saving grace.

One of the last battles will be church attendance, and while you may still feel this to be a necessary attribute of the outward appearance of a Christian, it too can be modified to an extent of becoming quite unprofitable in its deeds and actions. One must simply attend within the preconceived idea that it is required to remain in God’s good graces. The songs can be sung without involvement from the heart, generalized conversations about the state of the world and the surrounding community can easily take the place of spiritually based objections. The best way is to become busy with every church function that is available, when the church doors are open, be there. Adhere to every tradition, in fact think of more and greater elaborate ones, keep the context of them church centered and not Christ-centered, and you will in time find a great hiding place from the Lord God.

I hope I have assisted you today in your pursuit of seeming like a Christian on the outside but remaining lost within yourself, but if you have been saved by grace through faith, (Eph. 2:8) than I am sure that if you continue to practice these simple ideas within this letter, you will soon find yourself among the unprofitable servants of Almighty God.

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