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Back when my biggest problems were non-existent, the problems of the cares and concerns of life, we would gather together and play sports, baseball, football, it didn’t really matter. The field was pointed out, there were no real imposed rules or clocks to pay attention to, we would play until we got tired of it, something happened to the ball, or someone’s parents began to holler for them from two blocks away.

Players were picked on the spot, usually by the kid who owned the ball and whoever his best buddy was that week. The competition would start and end, and then be forgotten just as quickly, for life is to be enjoyed and experienced as much as possible for those whom some still call innocents. The part that wasn’t forgotten, at least by some, was who picked who to be on their team, and why, especially for the ones that were almost always picked last, the last two standing there waiting to see basically which of them was wanted the least, the leftover kid.

Children are innocent only in regards to the capability to act upon the sinful desires of adults, their perceptions do not include at that age the knowledge in full of sin, but we are changing that, are we not? Sexual education and transgender classes for even the very youngest, those in what some places call kindergarten, the ability to not only receive what is called the pill, and the morning after pill, but abortions at nearly any age, that grows younger each year. The sinners of age are teaching those not of age yet how to sin more proficiently, and they have been doing it on a planetary scale for quite some time now, it is called pre-programming, I still call it brainwashing.

Their newest feat? Fear, unmitigated fear, wear the mask, you don’t want to be the reason that grandma or grandpa dies, do you? This is so far from Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it,” that it is almost inconceivable, it is in the strictest sense child abuse, the forcefulness of sin though knows no boundaries, age is of little concern to the powers of spiritual darkness behind these endeavors. Children can be taught to believe almost anything because they know almost nothing, persuasiveness is quite easy on the young mind, the perception of reality is what they are told it is.

This is a generational goal, and has been going on for at least three generations now. In most places on the planet there is very little choice, if you do not send your children each day to the government approved and funded schools, you can be arrested, your children taken from you, it is an ingenious trap, and most have willingly stepped right into it. Besides, they have jobs to attend to, not only the standard of living but the cost of living rises exponentially so that the school system is seen almost as a benefit, a place to send their young while the so-called adults can continue to pursue their lives of bondage in the desires of the flesh. Unless you can see what is called the thirty-thousand-foot view, you will never see the trees for the forest, and unless you care, you will never attempt to.

What is a few decades of effort to demons who have been around since the beginning of creation, whether it is the corrupting of the Scriptures, or the youth of the planet, time is of very little concern to them. When coupled with the evil intent of adults, again, so to speak, human beings who are filled with lust, pride, and dreams of power, the youth are the best fertile ground to attempt to ensure that their plans are continued after their demise.

Enough of what you probably already are aware of, the question remains the same, what are you going to do about it, whether you have children or not. The system we speak of here is beyond monstrous in size, it is Goliath with his massive sword standing in front of a small young man with a sling, it is Gideon with only three hundred, and it will be defeated someday, I know, I have read the end of the Book. I am not suggesting that you make this your lifelong passion, we are to do as the Lord calls us, and that path must not be deviated from, but if He has laid this upon your heart, then you must follow, as we all should, where He leads.

The continuing knowledge of the evil intent of the world is seen more clearly not only as we age, but only when it is seen through the eyes of those that thirst and hunger for righteousness, (Matt. 5:6) those who are submitting to the will of God to be holy as He commands us to. (1 Peter 1:16) You will not save all of the young from this sin and terrible evil, but you have no excuse for not attempting to help one of them.

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