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Just Dust

Let us suppose that you have been given a task to do that you are assured of you will fail at, just how much effort would you put into that task. How much energy would you put upon something that you were told to do if you knew that what you are creating would eventually be destroyed, seen as completely useless in just a very short amount of time.

The majority of human beings cannot, or will not comprehend that the entirety of their lives, from the moment they were born until their final breath was a complete waste of time, at least in the construct of eternity. Two thousand years ago on this planet there were enormous cities, thriving places of commerce, lives being led, tasks performed, items manufactured, and not one single item remains of them, not one thought or concept is left, yet at the moment that they were occurring, those living there thought themselves important, as valuable assets.  “What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?” (Psalm 8:4)

God has not changed since that time, the spiritual realm has not grown or advanced from any single effort we or anyone else throughout the history of time has exerted, yet mankind continues along the same path that all of those who have come before us have, we place value on things that will not continue, that will not exist throughout eternity, things that will never be brought to mind again. (Isaiah 65:17)

I have often contemplated on whether or not Satan truly believes in the end that is in store for him, if he knows for a fact, without any question or doubt that his fate is the Lake of Fire for all eternity. If he does not, then he still exists with hope, if he does, then we can never comprehend his fury. The only clue, if you will, that I can ascertain from the Scriptures in this area is from Matthew 8:29, “And, behold, they cried out, saying, What have we to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God? art thou come hither to torment us before the time?” They know, and I believe he knows, yet as easily as we can deceive ourselves into believing that we are the masters of our destiny, our adversary may do the same.

Why then do we put forth so much effort into a life that can serve no other purpose than to glorify the One who gave us life in the first place, why exert enormous amounts of energy on anything that will not last, that will hold no eternal value. Pride is the only acceptable answer, the deceitful lie that we have taught ourselves to believe that we have value because we exist, because we are sentient, conscience individuals capable of choosing for ourselves our paths in this very short life, and that by the decisions we make here, we ensure our continued ability to do so when this life has ended.

Works are the only answer to pride, specifically good works, for you will not find one human being ever born that believed evil, or if you prefer, negative or bad works, will lead them to a “better” life after their time here is over. Religion sets laws, laws that if they are not obeyed will lead to punishment, and in this very construct is where feigned obedience is found, obey or there will be consequences, negative consequences, that will not only adversely affect your life here but possibly in the life ever after to come. This is the path of religion, the religions that have covered this planet since man began inventing them, obey, or face the consequences of your disobedience.

It is why it is more fearful, if you will excuse the word, for me to think that Satan does indeed know for a fact what his end will be, for his anger and fury would then know no end, the term “compassion” would be a completely foreign concept to him. Sadly though, this is the life that most Christians lead daily, toe the line, our God will exact punishment upon you, if you get out of line, if you commit a sin against Him, His wrath will fall upon you, so they behave as they believe they should, not out of love for Christ, but in fear of personal repercussions. Jesus always did what pleased the Father, (John 8:29) there was never one moment in His life here that He was afraid that God the Father was going to punish Him because He had a “bad” thought, He was never in fear of the Father, not once.

This is what the knowledge of never-ending love does, it provides a peace beyond understanding, it stands in awe of such a love, it is never questioned or doubted, it rests permanently inside of that person. The tasks that we have been given to do by our Lord we have been enabled to do by the gifts that He has given us, and every one of those tasks have an eternal meaning. They are meant to bring glory to His Holy name, the blessing that we receive is the knowledge that He has seen fit to use us in this manner, we have been given the opportunity to serve, we have been given the tools necessary to serve well, and we have been promised rewards for doing so.

Contemplate this, say six thousand years or more of work, only to rule over a planet of dust for about seven years, and then to be cast into the eternal pit of pain. Such a waste, and all because of pride. It is a terrible sin for dust to believe itself more than what it is.

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