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It Will Come To Pass

it will come to pass
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It Will Come To Pass

“And it came to pass.”

The day before, the day of, the day after, it is how we count time. Yesterday Ecclesiastes 12:3 was fulfilled in my life, “In the day when the keepers of the house shall tremble, and the strong men shall bow themselves, and the grinders cease because they are few, and those that look out of the windows be darkened,” Three teeth pulled at one time, such is the truth of the aged, the long life promised by the Word of God to those whom He has imparted wisdom, “For length of days, and long life, and peace, shall they add to thee.” (Prov. 3:2)

There are two main instances that come to mind when Luke 21:19 becomes a reality to us, “In your patience possess ye your souls.” when circumstances are not going as we would desire them to be, when the sunset of life becomes more visible to us, when the flesh begins to realize its time is almost over.

I feel great sorrow for those who do not know the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior, those who cannot see the eternal sunrise behind the final setting sun of this life, their fear must be incomprehensible. As the grinders cease, as the keepers of the house tremble, hope begins to fade, there is nothing but the unknown before them. But I also feel a sorrow for those that do know Christ as Lord that cannot see His hand upon them in those seasons when life’s circumstances are far from what they would desire it to be, for their patience is not possessed in those moments, and they do not see that this will also come to pass.

I repeat myself again and would ask you to memorize this small bit of wisdom, “Those who are heavenly minded are the only ones of any earthly good.”

We are to keep our eyes on the prize which is the Lord Jesus Christ, we are to fight the good fight, run the race with great intent, lay up our treasures in heaven, keep every thought captive for Christ, and do all we do for the glory of God. We are to understand fully that this too shall pass.

If your patience and hope is in this world and the things of it, you will be sorely displeased, if it is in that which you hope the Lord will give you in this life, those things of the world, whether they be physical, materialistic or even of an emotional level, you will not find that peace that passes all understanding. The grinders will cease if you are blessed with a long life, this world will pass away and all that is in it, we will watch as the Almighty creates a new heaven and earth, it is a promise, and it came to pass will be viewed by you.

“Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.” (Rev. 14:12)

“For he looked for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God.” (Heb. 11:10)

That patience is faltering, in a sense by those who are consumed by the signs of the days of the beginnings of sorrows that we find ourselves in, and while it is good to look for His glorious appearing in the clouds to take us home, the longer the Lord tarries, the thinner these individuals patience will become, and I fear that many of them will find that they were not the wheat waiting to be harvested, but the chaff waiting to be consumed with eternal fire.

Each day here will come to pass, each undesired circumstance will also pass away, and if indeed you know the patience of the Lord, if indeed you are possessing your soul in that patience, when the sun sets for the final time on your life, or when the season comes to a conclusion, your eyes will still be fixed on the Savior.

“If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.” (John 15:7)

I can think of no better thing to request of the Lord in those times than the patience to understand completely that this too shall pass. Praising His name is one of the surest ways to know these truths, no matter what the day brings.

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