Borrowed Truths

It Isn’t What it Seems to Be

it isnt what it seems to be
Borrowed Truths

It Isn’t What it Seems to Be

How many people didn’t die because you locked your church doors? How many would have died if you would have kept them open? “Better to be safe than sorry,” has replaced faith in Christ in some.

I realize that no Christian wants to be the cause of the death of another individual when that death can be averted, but we in this day are being led astray, or at least there are malevolent forces attempting to do so, that have little to no regard for your feelings or your so-called religious beliefs. Do what you are told or suffer the consequences, and the best way to always begin on this path is to make you believe that you are the responsible party for any negative effects. “If I would have worn a mask, they would still be alive,” “If we do not obey the mandates of those we now trust, but follow our faith instead, there is a possibility that some may die, so we will obey for the sake of our own conscience.”

It is quite easy to deceive most people, they are barely cognizant of their own path, much less the path of this sinful, evil world. There were no major protests when all this started in the early part of 2020, there was fear, expounded on and increased even unto this day, as time passed though, fear is easily replaced with frustration, frustration with anger, and anger with violence. Those who began all this are well aware of these truths, their motives have not changed, the plan has not been deviated from, violence and the physical representation of it has been the objective for a very long time now, if violence occurs, forces can then be brought in to quell the uprising, and an excuse for harsher measures of obedience can be enacted.

This will all be initiated by those who began all this, and for one intended end, one that very, very few people outside of those who have been blessed by the Lord God to see can comprehend, to bring upon this world the rise of the antichrist, the wrath of God, and the end of the age of the gentiles.

The lockdowns will increase and expand, wars and rumors of wars will increase, forced obedience will be the normal, all for our safety, and soon those who have been repeating continuously that all this is being done for our own personal safety, will become the new masters, over at least those who have locked their church doors, and those who have not been given eyes to see and ears to hear.

This has nothing to do with masks, it has nothing to do with vaccines, although that may be an integral part of the long-term plan, it has to do with the initial phases of forced obedience to what will soon become a one world order, both in the monetary, worldly sense, and in the religious order. These things are clear to all who will but open the Word of God and search the Scriptures.

Every born-again believer must stop seeking their own way, they must move away as far as possible from the traditions, rules, precepts, and regulations of whatever religious organization they have adhered to, and begin in earnest to seek the face of God. We, my friends, will all go through whatever the Lord has determined for us to go through alone, as it always has been. “Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown.” (Rev. 3:11) Pray without ceasing for the Almighty to bless you with a heart that can discern between good and evil, stand in the gap for your brothers and sisters in Christ if that is what He has called you to do, stand firm in the faith of Jesus Christ, count not your own life as anything of value, save for how it can be used to glorify God in these evil days.

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