Borrowed Truths

It Is Finished

it is finished
Borrowed Truths

It Is Finished

“It is finished.” (John 19:30)

Are you going to be able to look back on your life since the Lord called you to Himself and say it is finished, I did everything that you asked me to do, nothing that you asked of me was left undone. I do not mean that those things were done perfectly, that all that was asked of you was completed exactly as you would have desired them to be, but that you were a willing servant, that as best as you knew how, you followed where you were led. “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.” (2 Timothy 4:7)

You do realize that is what following Christ is, don’t you, a battle, a contention with not only evil, but with sinful men, and always against our own flesh. If you were expecting a smooth, clearly marked path to the Kingdom of God, think again. The way is fraught with danger, with pitfalls, diversions, with those who would deceive you and lead you astray.

Rarely does the sun shine on the path of the man of God.

And consider that race Paul spoke of, just who are you running against? Surely not those who are also in Christ, they are our brothers and sisters, only pride would suggest wanting to best them, and that is never our path. The race is not against any others, or even ourselves, but to run well, to see the prize that is Jesus Christ as worthy of all our efforts.

There are moments when the battle wains, where we can rest on the path, but only for moments, there are no lengthy rest areas for the man of God, there is urgency, for there are many who have not heard the words of grace, of salvation in Christ Jesus, and there are also many who have but are either unable to discern it properly or are being deceived by false religious organizations. These are those that we meet on the path that we stop to help in whatever way the Lord sees fit. Some will listen, some will not, many will hate you, though they will not use that exact word. Some have come on the path from the wrong gate, others move slower than you, but if you attempt to stop and help every single one of them, you will never be able to say, “It is finished.”

Ambition and drive with a purpose, that the name of Jesus Christ would be lifted up, that the Holy Spirit would guide us into all good works. You have to listen and obey when you are told to stop casting the pearls of God before swine, no matter how you feel about it, you must not spend your life on one singular individual and their growth, they are not the only one on this path to glory. The weaker brother you will assist, for his growth in the Lord, but, and if he grows in the grace and knowledge of the Lord, you must continue on in the path, and if he does not, you must still continue the race.

What is left undone that has been set before you cannot be called finished work, you must know when your part has been completed, and then continue on the path.

Paul was sent by the Lord to the Gentiles, not to a Gentile.

If we do not have that beam in our eye, we are to help the brother with the speck in his, and when that is done, continue on the path. Never rest in your accomplishments, remember that it is Christ that works through you. Never see yourself outside of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is leading you to where He is, if you dawdle on the path, or if you try to run when you are supposed to walk, you will not be able to say, “It is finished.”

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