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Is He Accusing You?

is he accusing you
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Is He Accusing You?

Satan blinds people to the truth, (2 Cor. 4:4) and he is the accuser of the brethren, (Rev. 12:10) two main job titles, keep the lost from seeing the truth, attempt to keep the saved from performing the tasks placed before them, not a lot of forward momentum here if you consider it, pretty much the same thing, day after day, century after century, different places, different people, but a fairly simple task if you think about it, after all, not only are we all born with a sin nature, (Psalm 51:5) but also with a free will that is basically only inhibited by the laws of nature that the Lord has placed upon His creation.

“Do whatever you want to,” has pretty much always been the way of the Lord towards man, with the knowledge that if it is not what He has set in place as the means of repentance and salvation, there will be negative consequences. So our adversaries’ task is really quite simple, and he already has at least two advantages working for him, our sinful nature, and our free will.

To blind people to the truth must mean that the truth has been presented to them, it means the invisible things that are clearly seen (Romans 1:20) must have a veil, as it were, placed in front of them when they are noticed, and this hindrance to sight must occur within the soul, for you must remember, that those who are saved walk by faith, not by sight (2 Cor. 5:7) and so, when these items that would draw one to the knowledge of the grace of God offered to all men through the Lord Jesus Christ, they are reaching into that part of us that we call the soul, that part of us that will exist throughout eternity.

How he or those who fell with him know of these moments, when they occur, is not revealed to us, personally I do not believe that there is a demon following every single person around on this planet for the entirety of their lives, but that begs the question, if continued vigilance is not required by them upon the lost, is it necessary for those who have the Holy Spirit of the Most High within them?

The accuser of our souls has nothing to accuse anyone of if there is no visible fruit within that person’s life, but presuming that, how much fruit, how many works, before attempts are begun to thwart those efforts. Again here, one could conjecture the total amount of demons in relation to the total amount of born-again believers on the earth at any given time in history, but would it be necessary to follow each and every one of them around continuously throughout our very short lives to do all allowed to dissuade their growth, or are there only a few who truly serve Christ fully enough to require this amount of continuous observance.

No matter what the born-again believer does, no matter how great the fall may be, we are responsible for our actions or lack thereof, we have the ability to say no. Herein then is where the accusations are brought to the Lord by our adversary, when we fall, he accuses, and the Lord is quite aware of whose fault it is, not Satan’s, but ours. The question must be begged then, how much would we sin, how far would we fall if we were not tempted of Satan, “But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.” (James 1:14)

Would Adam have eaten of the fruit if Satan had never been? That seems like a long time ago, but is more relevant to the discussion, because if Satan or any of the demons has never noticed you, or worked in any way, shape, or form to coerce you, if he has never had a need to go before the Most High and accuse you, who is at fault when you sin. The free will choice that Adam made, would he have made it if Satan had not arrived on the scene.

Here then I offer you the opportunity for contemplation, how does it make you feel to know that you are not being noticed? Elated, thankful, or does it bring upon you a sense of sadness, knowing that the walk that you are on is not one that is worthy of the adversaries’ notice, that the fruits you bear are perhaps not worth paying attention to. It is a choice that we make, to serve fully, or partially, but that choice may mean the difference between hearing “Welcome,” when you arrive at that gate, or “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

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