Borrowed Truths


Borrowed Truths


There is within the town that I live in a group of individuals that are known as the ‘Local Interfaith Organization,” and I am going to presume there is a similar type of consortium within your area, for they have become very popular these days. These organizations include pastors, priest, local clergy, and what even in some circumstances used to be called just a few short years ago cult leaders. Their stated purpose is to reach out to the local community with compassion and concern, seeking those in need of help in just about any form, whether it be food, water, housing, or even what they believe to be spiritual needs.

Now, as good as all this sounds, and it is of course something we are commanded by our Lord to do so that all will know that we are called by His name, there is one great and terrible problem with this, one could possibly even go as far as to call it a sin against God, for at least some of these churches involved have moved into the land of Canaan, settled down and started to serve the gods of that nation. It is the most direct yet politest way that I can think to phrase it.

Lev. 18:3; Jer. 10:2; Deut. 8:20 are just three of the many places in the Scriptures where God warned the children of Israel not to involve themselves in the worship or practices of these nations, to keep themselves from the assembly of those in that, or any other land, that did not worship Him and Him alone. Some of you may be saying that was a very long time ago and that by having these organizations of individuals meeting to discuss the needs of the community is a good thing, but my friends, God does not change, what He has said four thousand years ago stands just as strong today as it did then.

Satan is subtle, and extremely good at what he does, he cares absolutely nothing about the ‘two-legged animals’ of this planet, his one and only goal has always been to be worshipped, to thwart in whatever way that he can the plans of God. “If you can’t beat them, make them think that you have joined them,” and this is exactly what is happening in these interfaith groups. The pastor of any God-fearing, Christ-centered, Bible-believing church has one responsibility, to preach the truth of the inerrant Word of God, his responsibility is not to pick out the carpet for the foyer, not to determine the worship songs or what should or should not be brought to the potluck dinners, and most definitely it is not to be a part of any organization that does not lift up the Name of Jesus as the only way to the Father. (John 14:6)

This deceiving trick of our adversary has been gaining ground as of late, all should be included, no one excluded, inclusion of all will make us stronger, and it is a horrific lie that that has begun to be believed by some that I truly believe are men of God. These groups in many places now include those that believe wholly in the lie that there are many paths to the kingdom of God, that all who are good enough are good enough to enter into His presence and proclaim their right to be there. From prosperity theology, where if you are poor or sick, then you must be out of the will of God, to those who teach their congregations a “sin of presumption,” the inclusion of which has led many to believe that the assurance of salvation is a lie, when many verses beyond John 5:24 are quite clear that we can rest assured in our salvation. Baptism, even infant baptism, is taught as doctrine that when done will guarantee the recipient entrance into the presence of the Lord, no matter what path these individuals choose for the remainder of their lives, women who lead a congregation on a continual, weekly basis, while men sit in the pews. Others who are a part of these interfaith organizations claim the rights of those who willingly chose to live a life of sin in homosexuality as one that God has seen and exhorts as holy. The interfaith community may well be the first precursor to the one world religion that is coming. Satan is very subtle, and we as sheep have all gone astray and sought our own way, (Isa. 53:6) instead of the Lord our Gods way.

I spent much time a few months ago speaking with two of the leaders of two different churches in my community about this subject, both of whom are associated with the interfaith organization in this community, and I was quite amazed with both of their respective replies. The first continued to expound on all of the good deeds that had been done for the community, leaves raked in the yards of the elderly, houses painted for those who could not afford to do so for themselves, and several other instances, while all good and well though, never one word about how they had prayed with them, asked about whom these individuals thought Jesus was, or is, they simply did there task with joy, invited them to church, then moved on to the next poor, lost soul and repeated the objective again, which seemed to be to just get them into the church, any one of the churches represented that day.

The other leader of a religious organization, after much questioning, which I am sure he saw as an interrogation on my part, finished our conversation abruptly by replying that he did not want to be ostracized from all the other churches in the community by not participating in the organization. Doctrinal statements of faith did not matter to him, to not be left out of the interfaith group was the most important aspect of being in it. Neither of them would say that the Word of God is clear in this area, we are to speak to all that will listen, (1st Peter 3:15) we are to reprove and correct when necessary, (Prov. 19:25) but we are not to continuously associate with those that teach a false doctrine, we are to keep ourselves pure and sanctified unto the Word of God and His Holy commandments.

What has happened in what I will call the “clergy” is the same thing that has been occurring for quite some time in the fellowship of believers, they have been continuously and daily associating with those that blaspheme the Lord Jesus Christ in their hearts, and as all mature Christians realize, it is a rare thing indeed for these to “come up,” and much, much more common for the child of God to be “brought down.” We begin to become apathetic in our walk, we begin to rationalize our backsliding, (Jer. 3:22) we accept the excuses we give ourselves for not continuing to press toward the prize that is Jesus Christ, (Phil. 3:14) we return to our own vomit, (Prov. 26:11) Indeed, each and every opportunity you have to speak to the lost, do so, as often as possible, but don’t move into their house, as it were, for even those who keep on the whole armor of God find the battle strenuous at times, much less those who are not mature in the Word. If you strike up a conversation from someone who attends a religious organization that teaches that there is any other way to the Father besides Jesus, or that any works must be added so that we can gain salvation, explain in love to them where they are mistaken, and that can only be done with diligent study of the Word of God.

Look for a moment at Abrahams nephew Lot, if you will, first in Genesis 13:10+11, he chooses the plain of Jordan towards Sodom and Gomorrah, possibly knowing full well the sin and depravity of that area, but thinking that he could keep himself and his family from its influences. Then, in verse 12, he pitches his tent towards Sodom, not facing the other way, looking continuously each day at what he knew inside of himself he should not seek. Now move over to Genesis 14:12 and see that Lot has fallen prey to the desires of sin, for he has picked up all that he owns and now dwells in the town of Sodom itself, the allure was too great, and now look if you will at Genesis 19:1, and where do we find Lot but sitting in the gate of Sodom, resting in the place where the heads of the city made judgements over and between the people who lived in the area, he had been accepted as one of them, he had become part of that days interfaith local agreement. Though I am sure he still told, at least in part and never enough to possibly offend, of his God to them, he also listened to their ideas of their own gods, and acquiesced enough to them to be allowed to sit in the gate of the city. And if you want to know how badly Lot did not want to be ostracized from his beloved place of authority, read Genesis 19:6 and see that because of his great desire to not lose what he should not have sought for in the first place, he lingered, and the two angels had to actually grab their hands and drag them out of the city of Sodom.

There are so many churches today that teach their congregations that there is another way to heaven than that spoken of in Scripture, that God didn’t really mean those things He said, that He, like us, changes his opinion of what sin is with the times, and we have begun to believe that we really do not need His guidance all that much, for if we all pull together as a team everything will work out. After all, isn’t that the main purpose of an interfaith local council, isn’t it meant to pull us all together, are we not all going to the same place in the end, no matter the path that we have chosen. Does not God love us all, no matter how we each interpret His Word.

Welcome to one of the most finely detailed, fine tuned plans of Satan ever developed, God loves us all, don’t worry about anything, all church  buildings are the same, everyone in them believes the same thing, we are all going to the same place, only the paths are a little different. O, that I could put into words the sorrow I feel, that I could quench those thoughts of despair for those that have fallen into this most insidious trap.

We are to be sanctified, set apart for the glory of God and for the Lamb. Many of these are professing to be wise in this area, but they will show themselves to be fools in the end. (Rom. 1:22) We must submit ourselves daily to the will of God, we must be obedient at all times to the truths of His Word, no matter how much we are ostracized, mocked, scorned, criticized or even hated, the path is clear, we are to stay on it, no matter the consequences.

When the Lord Jesus said, “When the Son of man comes, shall He find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8) what do you think the answer to himself was, yes or no. Many are being deceived, we are being scattered, but fear not, our Lord knows right where we are, and for those that He has blessed with eyes that can see in this wicked age, His truth still shines as bright as when we first beheld it, and the path that He bids us to follow, the only path to Him, is clearly seen.

Sanctify yourself, stay on the path.     

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