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indwelt with power
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Indwelt With Power

There is a loss of mystery surrounding the people of God today, and not all of it is the responsibility of science and psychology, the fault lies within those who are the children of the Most High. They have determined not to be filled with the Holy Spirit, not to be obedient to His demands, to the will of God, not to be set apart from the world. Superstition, as the world calls it, rarely ever abounds in their presence from those that still live in the world, for those two avenues of men have replaced whatever awe-inspiring attributes that those who are saved are to represent.

The Roman Catholic cult still persists in this area in some form, their monolithic buildings, the shadowy rights and rituals they perform, sometimes in a dead language so as to instill even more superstition, even their garb, from the white collar to the most ornate apparel is meant to try to attain a form of mystery. It is not of God though, but the traditions of men meant to do just that, lift up men in the public eyes, and not the Lord Jesus Christ, and they have done an excellent job of it.

“Truly the signs of an apostle were wrought among you in all patience, in signs, and wonders, and mighty deeds.” (2 Cor. 12:12) Got any of those signs and wonders following after you?

The mealy-mouthed ineptitude of many who profess Christ today is what the world sees, and because of it, it is no wonder that the world exhibits no wonder after those who call themselves Christians today, they allow little to no power of the Holy Spirit to be shown in their lives, lives that are lived for a show as much as any religious cult does today. They are happy, go-lucky individuals whose main purpose seems to be to carry no cross, but a basketful of flowers available to any who ask, the closest they may come to wielding the sword of the Spirit would be in their daydreams, and when pulled out, if ever, would not even be able to slice through warm butter. There is no power of the Holy Spirit of God within them by their own free will, they have chosen to quench the Spirit. (1 Thess. 5:19)

This is most evident in two places, their church services, and their interaction with the public. Quiet, somber affairs they are, with occasional subdued laughter, portraying a solemn affair behind sleepy eyes and dull ears. There is no worship in these meetings, there is no indwelling power of the Holy Spirit of the Most High, much less any overflowing of His presence, there is the fulfilling of an obligation for a temporary feeling of acceptance by the Lord. They are entertainment venues at best, and at worst are an offense to the Almighty.

Their personal lives vary no differently, the order of the day is the business of the world, their conversations, their desires, their hopes and dreams do not revolve around the glory of God, they pay no heed to the power that rests within them, a power that can lead men to repentance, that can turn a heart from stone to flesh. (Eze. 36:26) This is the state of the church today, and has been for several decades, and it has led us into the great falling away. (2 Thess. 2:3)

There are still some men out there, a remnant of God, men who are on fire for Christ, men who will not be swayed by public opinion, men whose lives are not their own, but are the property of the Holy Spirit. There will be more soon, and they will not even have the Holy Spirit indwelling them, they will not love their lives to the end. (Rev. 12:11) I pray that they will feel no shame when they meet some of us, and we try to call them our brothers in Christ.

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