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I Wish I Would Have

i wish i would have
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I Wish I Would Have

The Word of God tells us that there was one man who believed Jeremiah, (Jer. 38:7-13) that there were not even ten who believed in the land of Sodom and Gomorrah, (Gen. 18:32) that only eight souls were brought out of the great flood of Noah’s time. (2 Peter 2:5) He also tells us that there is a wide path that most will follow, (Matt. 7:13) and that the gate is narrow, and few find it. (Matt. 7:14)

The person that truly desires to serve the Almighty will find themselves alone, they will be rejected of most men, they will be scorned and ridiculed by the religious community, they may not even see any fruit of their work in this life, it may be a very dry and thirsty walk for a very long time. To go apart with Christ means to go away from everything and everyone, it means that your life is no longer your own, that you have decided by your own free will to become a slave to a Master you will more than likely never see until you die, that will never audibly speak with you, that you will never know for certain that you are serving well.

Noah was told to build an ark, Lot and his family had to be drug out of the valley, Jeremiah got to watch all those he loved either die or be taken away, nearly every prophet and every apostle were killed by the world that they were trying to help, that they were trying to speak the truth to. If you are living a relatively calm life, if your existence in this world is not marked by constant frustration, an almost zealous anger at a lost world that is moving headlong into rebellion and sin, while at the same time more than determined to do what you know in your heart your Father in heaven is telling you to do out of a love for all of them, then perhaps you are on the wrong path.

Around the planet you will most generally find today the Sunday Christian, the ones who may indeed be saved but have no desire to be obedient beyond what they believe to be necessary to stay in the “good graces” of the Lord. They have no desire to warn daily while they work on their ark, the world is too much of a draw to them, so they will not hold their hand out to be saved from it, they will keep their mouths shut when they should be speaking, for they have no desire to be cast into a place of darkness and pain. Jeremiah cried out the warning of God for over twenty years, and every single day he hoped the people would hear.

“I wish I would have.”

These words will be the final acceptance of many untold millions throughout eternity, both in heaven and hell, and it is the responsibility of the ones whom God has called to let those that He has been merciful enough to send to them know the words of truth. The wrath of God is coming, we will be taken out before that day, (1 Thess. 4:17) this is the truth, it matters little how those you speak to comprehend these words, it matters not at all their reaction to you, or the consequences that may be incurred upon you, these words are truth and you need to be spreading them.

The man of God who has set his face like a flint (Isaiah 50:7) to serve the Lord God knows for a fact that evil is rampant and growing exponentially, can see it on every corner, nearly everywhere he looks, he also knows for a fact that the Lord is going to judge this entire planet because of that sin, and he lives with a frustration that many who profess Christ do not seem to possess. Jeremiah warned the people for over two decades, Noah for 120 years, no man without the grace and power of the Lord can live the dual life of utter despair because of the knowledge of the truth and the hope that can only come from Christ.

It is not enough to be saved from your sins my brothers and sisters, rejoice in it, yes, but if your pain is not at the threshold each and every day, if you are not experiencing a frustration that cannot be wholly explained because of the lack of hearing of the lost and a lack of action by many of the saved, then I cannot say what your purpose for the Most High is. I think the words that many who will stand before the Lord on their day of accountability, that they will hear from Him after they finally reach the end of their excuses, after they finally break down and say, “I wish I would have,” will be “I do too.”

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