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How Much Power

how much power
Borrowed Truths

How Much Power

Our adversary is more powerful than any other created being, he is named the prince of the power of the air, (Eph. 2:2) the god of this world, (2 Cor. 4:4) and by his titles, so he is. What power though is it exactly that he yields, and how much of it is he able to exact without the need to ask the Lord’s permission. We know for a fact that he can do nothing against the children of God unless he asks first, we learn this lesson from Job, we know that no evil will befall us, (Psalm 91:10) that all things happen for good, (Romans 8:28) so even if he is allowed to attack us, it is still for our good. The question is, have you even been noticed by him.

Not all of course, but most Christians still have one foot in the world, they have cares and concerns that they will not turn over to Christ, for their trust in Him is not yet full. The majority do little more than attend church, perhaps a few more than that at least open their Bibles occasionally, but truly never study it at length, some may pray, but for the most part their prayers are self-centered, rarely do they believe they will receive what they have prayed for, and most are only offered in the most generalized way. In other words, Satan has very little concern for most Christians, they are not truly serving Christ in full, and so they require little if any attention from him.

There is in the Spiritual realm the same as there is in the material world, a form of hierarchy, and although its prescribed path or measure we do not know in full, it is quite easy to understand in part. Satan is in fact the “head demon,” Michael, as far as we know, is in the upper echelon of the angels that serve God, beneath these two opposing forces, these two majestic Spiritual beings we can only assume. Yet the demon of the account of Daniel, the prince of Persia, (Daniel 10:13) was stronger than the angel that was sent by the Lord to answer his prayer for understanding. Why our Lord would send an angel that He knew could not prevail against this demon is not for us to know, we can learn only that some in the Spiritual realm are stronger, however that word applies, than others.

Michael himself would not rebuke Satan when contending for the body of Moses, (Jude 1:9) and so from this we are able to determine the strength that we as humans do not understand that resides upon angelic beings is purposed more in Satan than any other angelic or any other being ever created. He is the god of this world. He can control the forces of nature, again using the Book of Job as an example, but can he do so at any time he wills to, must he report to the Supreme, Sovereign Almighty God before he makes any moves.

I bring this debate to light for many today seem to believe that every major catastrophic so-called natural event shows the hand of God, that He is bringing all this upon an unrepentant world. How many hurricanes, floods, typhoons, tornadoes, earthquakes does Satan cause, or is he only the god of this world in the affairs of man. He has the power of death over the lost, (Heb. 2:14) he is the manipulator of men’s thoughts, coercing them into committing all manner of evils, although we do not need his assistance for the majority of our sins against the Most High, we are quite adept at performing these tasks ourselves. How much permission does our adversary need in any given area, were the ground rules laid out for him by the Lord many thousands of years ago, and he need only ask special permission when the event is incredible in its nature?

All things serve the will of God, nothing happens unless He brings it to pass or He allows it, He is not a King in part, all of creation obeys His every command, (Romans 13:1) and all souls are His. (Eze. 18:4) If you are not living a life devoted to the Most High then you have nothing to worry about, Satan has not even noticed you, and if you are, and he has, you still have nothing to concern yourself with, for the Lord God is your shield and high tower.

These days are interesting to say the least, are they not?

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