Borrowed Truths

How it Starts

Borrowed Truths

How it Starts

  1. It will begin with those who are in the highest positions of power on the planet, those who are in the most prominent levels of government. This will include the heads of the largest corporations and those businesses that are deemed necessary to their continued functioning around the globe. After testing for the contagion, all who have been deemed healthy will be provided a card, or a designated mark on either their documentation papers, drivers license, or similar form of identification.
  2. Next will be the subordinates under these first chosen that are deemed necessary to the continued function of either the government or the corporations that are necessary for the continuance of the human race, both physically and economically. Along with the heads of the largest banks, stock and holding companies, these will include virologist, micro-biologist, genetic scientist and others whose knowledge will be useful to either the slowing or halting of the pathogen that has enveloped the human race.
  3. The next level to be tested will be the lower echelons of the secondary governmental agencies, those who are in charge of certain districts, states, or areas that are not directly tied to the governmental heads, but necessary for the continuing of the required services that will be needed. Included in this group will be what are considered first responders, police, fire, emergency medical personal, all federal, state, county and local employees that have either direct or indirect access to the public. Once they have been tested and found to either not be infected or not a carrier of the pathogen, they also will receive a card or other necessary documents that will allow them to continue in their employment field.
  4.  The largest distributors of both perishable and non-perishable items will be next, including those items transported by ship, plane, train and trucks. All owners and employees of these companies will be tested before they will be allowed to continue in their positions. Those that manage the commodities distribution centers, grocery store owners, medical and related supply house, pharmaceutical companies and their distribution centers will be included here. Along with these will be the inclusion of all medical centers and hospitals, quick care medical sites, and pharmacies.
  5. Next will be those places that cater to large events, music halls, concert venues, all large sports event centers, shopping malls and places where a large amount of people tend to congregate for various reasons. Those who manage these facilities will be required to be tested, and will also be required to have all their employees and subcontractors tested as well.
  6. The final group will include all those that own businesses in the public sector. Restaurant owners, hardware stores, barber shops, convenience stores, all those individuals who own and maintain services that are directed towards the general public. All these, including their employees, once they have been shown to either not be infected or are not a carrier of the known pathogen, will be issued either a card or an additional mark on their drivers license or other form of identification.
  7. The last will be those in the general public, whether they be gainfully employed, retired, in assisted living centers or nursing homes, all within the general public will be tested.
  8. Those who have tested positive will be relocated to a center and held until either further testing can be done, or they have been cleared for re-entry back into the general population.
  9. Those who will not submit to the testing will be unable to enter any place of business, will not be allowed to continue in their employment field, or receive any type of medical assistance until they have submitted to the necessary testing procedures, found to be healthy and free of the pathogen, and have received the proper identification paperwork necessary to prove so. It may be necessary to forcibly perform the needed test on those who refuse to be tested for the security of all, certain rights and privileges may need to be revoked until such time as this individual complies with the needed requirements.
  10. Once this initial database of genetic individual traits is established, further testing may be required upon certain individuals that show a propensity for either a transmutation of the known pathogen, or the possibility of introducing a strand either relevant or irrelevant to it. These further test will be mandatory for the good of the general public, and for the continuance and wellbeing of the human race.
  11. All who refuse to comply with any or all of the provisions set forth here may need to be forced to satisfy the necessary requirements, again, for the safety and wellbeing of all.

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