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Heal Me

They find it a part of the not only regular, but expected routine of their morning service, the reading of the names of those that are asking for healing of some form, in fact, it would not be a “complete” service if there wasn’t some name mentioned.

There are many verses in the Scriptures where we are told to pray for each other, the question is this though, what is more important, that they be healed, or that they learn in this time to continue to praise God. Prayers are offered more earnestly and fervently in a dry and thirsty land than they are in the land of rest and plenty, praise is rarely heard in the thunderstorm by the Lord from those in it.

From most that do not comprehend these words, those that are in need of those types of prayers, they rarely hear from those that are offering them, “Why do you think the Lord wants you to go through this?” Instead inevitably it will be “What do the doctors say?” Think in terms of percentages here, what portion of those who came to Christ just wanted to hear His words, and what percentage just wanted to be healed. There are more than likely the exact same percentage of people in churches across the planet today, what can I get from God, what rules and regulations must I follow to ensure that life goes well for me, that little to no pain or suffering will come my way, that the entirety of my existence continues to go smoothly, what must I do, what are the magic incantations I must say to ensure peace and security in my life.

Many churches should, if they have not, just drop the word “worship” from their Sunday morning gatherings, something better might be just “The Sunday Service,” the obligation, if you like. Fulfill your duties at this time, observe the routine, expect the blessing. You don’t see many people truly worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ in churches anymore, it doesn’t fit in with the order of things, morning greetings and announcements, sing a song or two, pass the plate around, listen to the message, which inevitably starts with a humorous annotation, sing another song, see you next week. “Thus saith the Lord” would require action. And action is not the path most who proclaim Him as Lord desire to be on these days, it doesn’t fit in with their “Sunday afternoon to Saturday evening” plans.

So then, they will sit in their regular place in the pew, (and become upset if there is someone else sitting there) say a short little “Yes Lord, heal them,” but not out loud of course, that might draw attention to them, and then finish the obligatory service presentation, speaking of the cares and so-called troubles of the world to those that will listen before the message dissipates slowly from their minds as they head out the church doors. My friends, there are not nearly as many born-again believers on this planet as you might like to think, no matter what excuse you might try to get yourself to believe. They want the routine, they want to feel better about themselves after the service, they want to serve God for what they can get from Him, not just because He is, they want to be healed.

How many lame and halt people do you think caught the eye of our Savior from the crowds as He passed by, smiled, and nodded at Him, and then bowed down as much as their broken bodies would allow them to, in reverence of His majesty, but did not ask of Him one thing? They followed as best as their frail frames would allow them to, in servitude and submission just the way they were. These are the times I see our Lord smiling; these are the ones He saw in His mind’s eye in His glorious kingdom, clothed in glory beyond what many of us will ever know. They did not cry out to be healed, though they would have gladly and humbly accepted it if it would have been offered, these are they who meant what their hearts said, “Thy will be done.”

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