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Happiness or Joy

happiness or joy
Borrowed Truths

Happiness or Joy

Depression, a major part of the efforts of our adversary has always included depression, a feeling of inevitable loss that cannot be averted, that all hope is gone. People in this state most generally will remove themselves from it by averting their minds from the reason for the depression, thereby in essence doing nothing more than to alleviate it for the present, hoping that it will not return.

“It could have been worse,” is one of the statements you will hear from these individuals, others though stay trapped in that depression for extended periods of time. How prevalent is this subject, this mood? Ask the pharmaceutical companies about the billions of dollars they have made in profit from depression. But here are some of the thoughts I would ask you to ponder today, can you have the joy of the Lord while in a state of depression, or in frustration, anxiety, or any other mental state not normally associated with what is commonly known as a joyful mood.

I have penned this before many times, and will again as often as I am led to, the happiness of the world is simply the cheap imitation of the joy of the Lord. This is where far too many who claim Christ as Lord have erred in their spiritual discernment of the Word of God, joy is not an emotion. “These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.” (John 15:11) Joy being full does not infer a state of exaltation, it is not the opposite of sadness or depression, it is not the inverse of frustration or anxiety, joy is not in any way connected to any emotional state, joy is assurance. It is an unquestionable fact, it is the knowledge of the truth that since He is risen, we shall rise with Him, (2 Cor. 4:14) that since our Savior reigns, we shall reign with Him, (2 Tim. 2:12) that He will never leave us or forsake us, (Deut. 31:8) Joy is the knowledge that every word in the Scriptures is true, that every promise will be kept, that we will indeed have everlasting life in the presence of God Almighty, (John 5:24) that His wrath we will never experience, (John 3:36) that there are pleasures forever more awaiting all those who have placed their lives in His most capable hands. (Ps. 16:11)

This is the reason why some individuals you meet seem different than others, why some born-again believers can face any and every trial and difficulty that comes into their lives, they have the joy of the Lord, they know without a doubt that no matter the circumstances, God has enabled them to face those circumstances, no more than they can bear will ever be placed before them.

Far too many still believe that joy is an emotional state, in fact they firmly believe, and are in fact deceived into thinking that if they are content, if the sun is shining in their lives, then they are experiencing the joy of the Lord, that His favor is upon them because of the positive emotional state they are experiencing at the moment. There are religious organizations that have based their entire theology on these lies of Satan, when the Scriptures give example of just the opposite. Paul and Silas sang songs while in the darkest dungeon, (Acts 16:25) Peter? Counted it joy when they were beaten for speaking of Christ, (Acts 5:41) read Isaiah 53:10 and tell me, what is joy and what is happiness, “It pleased the Lord to bruise Him.”

As long as you stay in the mindset of what the Lord wants for you is to be happy while you are here you will never truly understand what the Lord God wants for you, you will never understand joy. We are to be holy, and being holy has very little to do with any emotional state, all emotions must be taken out of the equation when contemplating joy or the commandment to be holy. Again I repeat myself with a verse that has been heavy upon me for quite some time now, “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” (Phil 1:21) No individual who contemplates the necessary steps that will lead up to their deaths will find happiness in those thoughts, it is why it is a “taboo” subject among the majority of human beings, they refuse to find a positive emotional context in it, instead fear is the dominating factor, for unless unusual circumstances lead a man to the knowledge of the time of his death, it is the great unknown moment of time. We are not generally informed of the exact moment that our Lord will call us home.

To live is Christ is not to seek for emotional context in our lives that will make us feel better, it is to serve as He sees fit, as He calls each of us individually to serve, without question, without reservations, no matter the consequences. To die is gain can allow no fear to enter into that moment, none that last at least for more than a moment, for that is all death truly is, a moment, a singular point in time out of decades of life, a life that should have been lived for Christ.

If you know the joy of the Lord, in a sense my friends, most of the emotional states that you will find yourself in during your existence here will be no more than fleeting experiences of time, the joy of the Lord lasts throughout not only this life, but throughout all eternity.

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