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Half the Story

half the story
Borrowed Truths

Half the Story

Every single person that believes without question the entirety of the doctrines of the Roman Catholic institution for the means to salvation is going to go to hell when they die. Every Mormon who states the same beliefs to that particular organization will also die in their sins and spend eternity without hope in the Lake of Fire. Every Buddhist, every Taoist, Muslim, every single Atheist, all nonbelievers, every single person that does not profess that Jesus Christ is Lord and the only way to the Father, to heaven and the Kingdom of God will not enter into His rest and presence but will spend eternity separated from the love of God.

The days of the “fire and brimstone” preachers are over, the days of never offending intentionally by speaking the truths of the Scriptures are not just here, they are imbedded upon the congregations of many churches. Being polite and kind is a trait that all who call Jesus Christ must exhibit, to a point, and that point is reached when those who we are speaking to deny the truths of Jesus Christ and His atoning blood, then the truth, no matter if it is spoken in love or not, must be spoken, they must be told of their end if they do not repent.

If you fear hurting people’s feelings with these truths, then you will never be an effectual witness for the Lord, you cannot tell people that Jesus loves them, that He died on that cross for them, and when they reject that truth, fail to tell them of their end if they do not repent. You can never tell half a story and expect to come to the end of that story.

But here is where many who claim Him as Lord have landed, they will speak of His love, but not His punishment upon unbelievers, they will speak of those “good feelings” of acceptance by God because of Christ, of forgiveness offered, of eternal love and security in the presence of the Lamb, but they will not warn those in religious cults of their offenses against the Most High by denying that the shed blood of the Lamb of God was enough. “I don’t want to offend anyone” is their reply, and they believe that the Lord God will forgive that offense against Him.

It is an incredibly well thought out and precise plan by Satan, and it has led us right into the apostacy, even many churches that have God-fearing people in them have fallen into it, professing that they do not want to be accused of “hate speech,” only of “love speech.” Love is not going to forgive denying the Lord Jesus Christ, that’s what hell and the Lake of Fire are for.

I don’t meet many believers on fire for the Lord anymore, most are concerned only with their walk, most have determined that the truths of the Scriptures in this area are too disconcerting to bring to the attention of those they meet, half of the story is all that they are comfortable with, and so they are at best only half profitable. They do not desire to be in the fellowship of His sufferings, (Phil. 3:10) their cross they carry, (Matt. 16:24) if indeed they do carry one, is no more than the inconveniences of their lives, the personal trials that only formulate within their minds, which is only being transformed (Romans 12:2) in the partial image of Christ that they are comfortable with.

They do not love their neighbor enough to tell them they will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire if they do not repent.

I would not call that love, nor would I call it loving your neighbor, I would call it being embarrassed for the name of Jesus Christ. I would call it half the story.

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