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Great Shame

great shame
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Great Shame

Most people will do what they are told.

This the main purpose of the education system in nearly, I would say, every nation, to instill obedience to authority. Math, science, games and sports are the incidentals, they are the path, and each is meant to instill within the young mind competition, which is, in itself, another form of control. Their argument, when they are finally forced to admit this known fact, would be that without some form of control, the masses would rule, and chaos would ensue, which of course is a lie, for someone always ends up in charge, whether it is a good man who has the concerns of others at heart, a despot that thrives on control, or the bully on the playground, someone always ends up in control, in authority.

The purpose of all the governmental systems is to ensure that the particular path that those who are in authority have chosen for their citizens remains the path for the citizens of that nation, and they do this through a variety of means, mostly monetary, perpetuating the greed that lies within us all, or by force when necessary, ergo not only a myriad of laws, all with some forms of personal cost if they are not adhered to, or by police and military force. One way or another the masses of that nation must be made to obey; it matters little to those in authority which path must be used.

Here is where the opening statement of this letter comes to fruition, most people will do what they are told, except many who profess Christ.

Unless one has been born and raised in a God-fearing, Christ-centered, Bible-believing home, where a man of God leads the family in the will and Word of the Lord with wisdom, prayer and much Spiritual discernment, obedience will not be to the Lord, but to the will of Satan, the god of this world. There are no two ways around this.

It is the main reason that the education system in every nation is mandated for, most generally, the first twelve years of a child’s life, usually beginning at age five. Satan owns the system, and every possible avenue to ensure that even the youngest minds are kept off the eternal, off of Christ, must be employed to every possible advantage. “Chasten thy son while there is hope, and let not thy soul spare for his crying.” (Prov. 19:18)

You, if you are a father, are responsible for the growth and nurture of your children, not your wife, that is a lie of Satan, she is to be a Proverbs 31 woman, the children are your responsibility in the area of their growth, both spiritually, mentally, physically, in all areas of their nurturing. The task of a father is one of the main attacks that Satan has used in these latter days, not on the family, not on society as a whole, on the father, this much should be quite obvious to anyone who is paying attention to Spiritual matters.

The church, as a corporeal body, has failed in this regard, and not just failed, but failed miserably. They have not set up and maintained schools for children to learn all of not only what they should be learning to be productive members of society, employing God-fearing individuals to teach these most basic, rudimentary classes, but have determined, at best and when even offered, that a thirty minute or so Sunday school class once a week is all the child needs.

Just what did you people expect was going to happen?

You give your children to a Satanic system for six to eight hours a day, for twelve years or more, send them off to a college, most usually deeply into debt at that very young age, while you, and most generally your wife, struggle each day in your employment field to pay the bills for debts that you have incurred because you would not be patient. And you, father of the house, complain, blaming others for your mistakes, your indifferences. There is great shame here, and you, if you are this man, will be held accountable for your inactions.

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