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Borrowed Truths


I have fished in almost every large river and lake in the country I live in, I have been fishing in more than one ocean, and have set a line in hundreds of smaller ponds and rivers over the years. Years ago I had a dog a great friend, just an old mutt I rescued from an unbelievably bad situation, who would go with me everywhere, but especially when it was time to go fishing.

Whenever possible, when we arrived at that days fishing spot, he would run and roam around for an hour or so, coming back to check on me, to let me know that he was still near, and then, when his nose was full of those wonderful sought after scents, he would return to lay by my side in patient anticipation. The moment I would pick up the fishing pole to hopefully set the hook, he would quickly stand up, and when the fish on the line would break the surface of the water, trying to free itself from the danger it know knew as real, my friend would dive into the water, swim over to where that fish was, grab it and bring it right to me. It is a wonder he never suffered any injury from the barbs of the fish, much less a hook inadvertently in his mouth.

The day I buried my friend I sold all my fishing gear, and I have never fished since. That was many years ago and several other pets, fine friends each, have come and gone, but he will always be remembered.

 My beautiful wife and I’s walking companion is fourteen years old now, a dog of great age, and he soon will rest beside the other friends in the backyard that we have had to say goodbye to. There are no markers on their graves, they have left their marks on our very souls, and that is enough. We will mourn his loss, his non-existence will bring great sorrow to us, but we do not mourn as the lost do. (1 Thess.4:13) Although they do not posses’ souls, we know we will see them again, for we are greatly loved by our Lord, and He knows our hearts. His feeding dish, his toys, even the hairs that my wonderful wife diligently removes nearly each day with her vacuum cleaner will eventually disappear, his gravesite will become unobvious to the untrained eye, but as the years pass, if the Lord allows us the time, we will be able to point at the exact spot with accuracy, and say “That is where we laid our friend to rest.”

With time, the pain will begin to subside, the grieving period must be allowed to complete its course, and then a new friend will enter our lives, fully with the knowledge that he too will know a resting spot in our yard.

Our lives are like vapors my friends, (James 4:14) as the flower of the morning, (Psalm 103:15-16) we arrive, we are here, and then just as quickly we are gone. It is better to experience a short, well lived life for Christ, than a long one full of days without Him. Every single person you have ever known that gave their lives to Christ and has gone on before you to be with Him is waiting for your arrival, that day will be full of rejoicing, and the continuing fellowship will know no end, such is the promise of Almighty God Himself to all that love Him. “For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.” (Romans 8:18)

To keep eternity in our hearts is to know peace, even in the deepest seas of sorrow, to know that our joy will be never ending is to be able to bear any suffering that this old world can throw at us. We are more blessed than we will ever be able to imagine, and unless we walk through the “Valley of the shadow of death,” (Psalm 23:4) unless we experience first-hand suffering, pain and sorrow, we will never truly realize the incredible joy of the Lord. Those who know tears of loss will never experience them again, those who know pain now will not even be able to recall those moments. Imagine yourself looking into the face of the Lord Jesus, and your heart will say to itself, “There is nothing to worry about, my grieving, my pain, my sorrow, will all know an end.” “He is faithful who has promised,” (Heb. 10:23) you need only to accept this truth in faith.

Time does not heal all wounds my friends, Jesus does. I will go fishing with my friend again someday.

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