Borrowed Truths

For You

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Borrowed Truths

For You

The cross was laying on the ground, they placed Him upon it, spread His arms out, and then they placed His feet together, they put the spike to His hand, and as the mallet began its downward descent, He turned and looked into your eyes and said, “I am doing this for you.” The wind was howling that night, He had not eaten for days, the rock He leaned against gave Him no comfort, He shook from the cold, and He turned and looked at you with the stars reflecting in His eyes, and said, “I am doing this for you.” “The Son of man has no place to lay His head,” (Matt. 8:20) for your sake. “I go to prepare a place for you.” (John 14:3)

You are what matters to Christ, you are the reason He left the glory of heaven, left the presence of the Father, felt the entire wrath and fury of God, for you this was done. A perfect sacrifice was required, and He willingly offered Himself as that sacrifice, for you. He was despised and rejected by man, (Isaiah 53:3) for your sake, He left ninety-nine sheep to come find you. (Matt. 18:12) You were lost, and He left all to come to find you, to love you, to make you into a peculiar treasure unto Himself.

He has prepared pleasures forever more for you, (Psalm 16:11) He has set the kingdom of God inside of you, (Luke 17:21) you are loved beyond all measure, and will be for all eternity. He will never leave you or forsake you, (Deut. 31:8) you will return with Him when He comes in power to reign on this planet, (1 Thess. 4:17) you will enter into eternity with Him at the end of this age, (Matt. 28:20) and you will live in the New Jerusalem, (Rev. 21:2) the abode of all the saints of God forever. Do you want to know what matters to God my brothers and sisters, you do. Do you need any more proof of how precious you are in His sight, how much you mean to Him, how much He gave and has given for you, how much He loves you. Even your death is important to Him. “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.” (Psalm 116:15)

My most adoring wife, whom I love dearly, types up these handwritten letters for me, and while doing so, she looks up the appropriate verses, for I simply write the first few words of them and then add a set of parentheses, informing her the location of that verse in the Scripture needs to be placed there in the letter. She is a blessing, a fulfilment of the word “help meet,” (Gen. 2:8) and she has grown exponentially in the knowledge of the word of God through this diligent work for me. It is always my prayer that as you read these letters, that you also would take the time to open the Scriptures, and seek out the verses in them, look at them in the context, seek out their truths.

What Jesus Christ our Lord did for us He did not have to do, because of us God sent His Son to the cross, and it pleased the Lord to bruise Him, (Isaiah 53:10) for us. “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13) We serve Him because He is worthy of our service, not because we are commanded to, but because He loved us first. (1 John 4:19) Theses truths should hold fresh and new meanings to you each and every day, they should cause your heart to leap for joy as you read them, they should bring within you a humility that cannot be expressed outside of Christ, that only the Holy Spirit can show you. “The riches of His glory” (Romans 9:23) has been shown to us, from “In the beginning” to “Even so come Lord,” the entirety of the Book says, “for you.”

The epitome of selflessness is the Lord Jesus Christ, He is the standard of humility and obedience, for the glory of the Father, and for you. When Almighty God looks upon us, He does so in love, for He is looking at the image of His Son, He sees within you the greatest prize ever known. When you come to Him in repentance at the foot of the cross, all the angels rejoiced, (Luke 15;10) when you came back to Him from the journey you should not have taken into the pleasures of sin for a season, (Heb. 11:25) He ran to meet you, to hug and kiss you, to lay the robe and ring upon you again, to welcome you back into His presence with joy. When you rebelled against His will, He chastised you, (Heb. 12:10) for you are His child, and He loves you deeply. Say with me my friends, Abba, Father, how great are thy mercies, how everlasting is your love! For you my friends, everything has been done for you. Give Him the glory He rightly deserves because of this.

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