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“It is God who has done this to us.” When was the last time that you said these words with all assurance, without question to the reason behind them, when was the last time that you knew for a fact that what happened in your life was caused by God?

They were all of one language when they started to build the Tower of Babel, (Gen. 11:1-9) but as they started to walk away in groups from that project after the Lord placed within them different languages, someone I believe I can say with all assurance said at least once, “It is God who has done this to us.”

People who are satisfied with little only need a little God, and I contend that many if not most people serve a little God in their minds, they do not need the Red Sea parted because it is the only means of escape from their enemies, they do not need hornets to go before them into the battle, (Exo. 32:28) and if they are in need of some form of physical restoration, well, “That’s what God gave us doctors for, right?”

I could use much ink and paper proclaiming to you that the truth of the Lord God’s power in my life, and in the life of my beautiful wife’s life in the statement this short letter opened with is validated, that many of the things that happened in our lives, both as one and as individuals has no other explanation but those words, that the Lord God has been the only explainable reason for their occurrence.

I believe that most born-again believers pray only for “little things,” if you will, the larger, more important items are left unspoken unless there is a need for His assistance. What I have found over the decades by looking at not only my own life, but of the lives of those who profess Jesus as Lord is that praise of His Holy name suffers because those items are only sought after when there is a need.

“I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil.” (John 17:15) Does not mean that we only seek help from the Lord in times of trouble, but in each moment of our lives.

I offer wisdom here, receive it if you can, Romans 8:28 says that everything that happens to us is for good, thereby the statement “It is God that has done this to us” is true in every aspect of your life.

The old nature in us, that part of our free will that rebels against the Most High despises these words, the new nature, that which is being transformed by the renewing of our minds, (Romans 12:2) offers praise to His name continuously because of His work within us. In the Tribulation time we are told that many will seek for the rocks to fall upon them (Rev. 6:16) for they will know without a doubt that it is God Almighty who has come down upon the children of men in wrath for their great sins against Him, yet they will not repent. Satan himself knows full well what his appointed end is, he knows that it is God who has always been in control, yet he will not repent.

“It is God who has done these things to us, to me” sounds as if there is punishment awaiting all who would attempt to stand against the Lord, against those who will not recognize His Sovereignty over all of His creation, and I fear that is the reason that many who serve Him as Lord never ask for the “big” things but settle instead into an existence of small, little “miracles,” not believing themselves worthy enough children to ask the Lord for those big miraculous events. Perhaps they do not want more of Christ, for they fear they will lose even more of themselves.

Contemplate this if you will, what if I changed just one word, what if instead of “It is God that has done this to us,” you heard “It is God that has done this for us.” How much would you ask of Him then?

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