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For Them

A large part of the world had been decimated, no factual count of the dead could be had, for the destruction was on a planetary scale, the numbers were known to be in the billions, but there could be no verification of that.

Except for parts of the Middle East and Europe, nearly all forms of communication had vanished, and what was reported either would not be believed or could not, the destruction was too immense to even consider.

“The age of man is upon us, God has failed us, if He ever existed.” This cry was welcomed by nearly all, here was the man the world had waited for, here was the hope that people could see and unite behind.

But not all.

The rules were strict, and most accepted them without question, the promises were believed, and as time moved forward, that fresh new start began to take shape, mankind, what was left of it began to flourish again. People were set in places where they could prove to be the most beneficial to this new era of mankind, those who would not obey were sent away to be reeducated, some returned, subservient to their new masters, most did not.

But there was another group of people, hiding in the shadows, moving carefully among the masses of obedient human beings, speaking words that if they fell on the wrong ear would cause great harm to the speaker. The new religion was welcomed by all, serve man for the sake of mankind and be plentifully rewarded, if not, persecutions would ensue. And why would anyone in their right mind speak up against him who had become the Savior of mankind, who had shown us the way back to a bright new future, full of the promises of all that man could imagine.

There were those though that did speak up against this so-called Messiah of man, and against his false church, openly, and they knew what would happen if they did, yet they loved not their lives to the end.

My friends, this is what is approaching, and many have been able to see it for quite some time now. I would ask you to consider this, those that you speak to who do not yet know the Lord Jesus as their personal Savior may be one of these individuals this poorly made video is speaking about, they may be one of the ones under the Throne of God during the Tribulation period who will die willingly for the Lord, those that will cry out, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?” (Rev. 6:10)

Ask yourself this, are you living a life for Christ that when they think back on you, they will be encouraged, their faith will be strengthened because they saw the strength of the Holy Spirt being exhibited in your life? Will they gain courage because you stood firm in your convictions while speaking to them, while they mocked you, will they recall men and women of God that would not, could not be moved off that Rock that is Jesus Christ no matter how much they mistreated you, no matter the insults they hurled at you. Will they remember you because you expressed a love for them that could not be explained.

Those that will not love their lives to the end will indeed be killed by the evil system that will rule this planet for nearly seven years, will they stand with the memory of one they met so long ago that could not be swayed, who refused to be shaken, who stood for Jesus Christ no matter what?

It is an unspeakable honor and privilege to be able to speak for Jesus Christ, do not take this task lightly, there are those who are coming after us that will remember you. Let them see strong men and women who live by Philippians 1:21, “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” Stand strong today for the glory of God, and for those who will not love their lives to the end in the near future.

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