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There is no word in the Scriptures that in its phraseology is comparative to our current use of the word “fair,” for us today it has the meaning of equitable, unbiased and equal, and it has become possibly one of the greatest deceits of Satan that this world has ever seen, along with the perception that he has set upon the world that God is love, and that is His only attribute towards man.

I used to joke around with people when they would claim that something was not fair, I would say that fair is where you go to get corndogs and cotton-candy, but lately feelings have been impressed upon me that there is something much more sinister going on here, and the majority of the world is falling for it. Fair today means that all are to be treated equally, no matter the circumstances, but those that are trying to impress this upon us are not exactly playing by the rules that they are trying to impose on the rest of society. We have gone much further than socialism here, past communism, we are beginning to see the start of the one world order, the age of man will begin with everyone saying that all should be treated fair and equal, that all intolerance is wrong.

All-inclusive is the word that is being spread around today, we are being told that all are to be embraced, no matter what, all who do not are seen as intolerant, but the inferred intolerance goes much deeper than that, there are consequences now for not accepting, and they are going to become worse. Full and total acceptance is becoming rationalized as the way of a free society, yet control is still installed by those who do not need to necessarily play by the rules, as it were. Those who are in charge are allowed a certain amount of freedom, especially when it comes to the financial liabilities of this new age of man, their representation as supposed leaders is not to be questioned, for they have lain the path for these new freedoms, what people tend to forget is that they who have set the path can tear it up at any time of their choosing.

In the construct of these ideologies, what is fair is not always fair to all, it is only the perception of that presumed fairness that matters. Those who will set all of these tenets in motion will not be subject to the laws that they will install, that is not a relevant factor for them, the control of the masses is the objective. All of these actions will be purported to be fair to all, and in fact it is seen already by many as a viable alternative to the rich versus poor gap. Those who have, as long as they are not the ones who will be enforcing all of these rules, will be obligated to give, and the amount of that giving will be determined by those who get to keep. The distribution of fairness will inevitably be given unfairly, and those who resist will be reduced. We are seeing the beginnings of this movement on a worldwide scale at this time, it will end poorly.

Some of the most easily deceived are those who profess Christ but who do not truly know Him as Savior, they are being misled into believing that this is the correct path to loving their neighbor. After all, does it not seem fair to ensure that all have everything that they need, all that the world can offer them, isn’t love caring for the worldly needs before the spiritual, perhaps if we ensure that the needs of the physical are met first, it will be easier to witness to them. It can be very difficult for some to see thru this deception, for as is all of our adversary’s plans, they are subtle beyond the scope of the thoughts of man. To be fair is to be righteous, to love is the great commandment, and all should be accepted as they are, it all sounds very good, but it is all very demonic at its core.

Was it fair that our Lord had no place to lay His head, that many of his earthly needs were provided by others, was it fair that He left the Kingdom to live in poverty. Here is something that many of these individuals do not want to hear, some people have and some people will never have, that is the way it has always been, and until our Lord returns to set up His kingdom, that is how it is going to continue. “For ye have the poor with you always, and whensoever ye will ye may do them good: but me ye have not always.” (Mark 14:7) Not until man figures it out thru all-inclusiveness, thru tolerance, thru fairness, always. This is a spiritual war my friends, and we have been asked by our Lord to serve in it.

The ultimate fair? Not possible as long as there is sin in the world, but that is not what you are going to continue to hear as time goes on, those who have will be not asked, but forced thru the laws to give to those who have not, only those who will set up the laws will be excluded. It is the mentality that the minority has the ability to properly lead the majority, and those who are leading must be given exclusions, or their ability to lead efficiently will be hindered, thus impeding the furtherance of the age of man, and his ability to secure a vibrant and viable future for themselves and all of their descendants. Sounds like a great plan, doesn’t it, as long as you are part of the hierarchy, everything will be great, if not, well, some must be left behind so that others may take their rightful place in the new future of man.

Fairness, tolerance, love, the perfect description of a utopian society, and it will be worldwide, at least for some. The first to be called out as intolerant will be the “religious zealots,” those who are aware that they are in a battle with spiritual darkness, they who serve Christ as Savior and are ardent students of the truths of the Word of God. They will be the intolerant ones, and we have already seen the beginnings of this confrontation, beatings, lawsuits, firing from certain positions of employment, it has begun in many forms and will not decrease, when our Lord removes His hand of protection from a nation or place, the wave of evil does not test the edges any longer, it rushes in and consumes all. It is why he is called the adversary, and the days that are approaching are the days that he has been waiting for since he left the garden of Eden in victory.

If you are a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior, then you completely understand that there is no such thing as fair, there is mercy and grace, there is justice and judgement, there is righteousness and there is wickedness, and there is a sovereign Lord who is in charge of all that is happening. None of this is surprising to Him, and it should not be to us either, in fact it has been expected for quite some time, it is both frightening, sorrowful, and joyful at the same time. You may lose everything my friends, you may lose your life, if you stand, but if you do not you may lose even more.

“For many are called, but few are chosen.” (Matt. 22:14) Does that sound fair, shouldn’t all be chosen, shouldn’t all be able to say and do whatever they want and still expect the wonders and glories of heaven, to experience the joy of the Lord for all of eternity. Here is abuot as fair as the Lord is going to be my friends, you chose my Son, the Son I love and sent to die for your sins, the righteous one who bore the sins of the whole world, and I will love you for all of eternity, if not, the lake of fire will be your reward, and my wrath will abide on you forever. That’s as close to fair as your ever going to get.    

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