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Ever Seeking

It isn’t the lack of faith that causes us to sin, it is the inaction of acting willfully upon the measure of faith that we have been given. “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” (Romans 10:17)

Not only the initial faith given to us by the Lord when we first accept Him as such, but the continuation of it, but if we desire to become profitable servants we must, “But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.” (2nd Peter 3:18) This means not only continuous in-depth study of the Scriptures, but the application of what we read in them in our lives.

Here is where that measure of faith must be completely sought out, here is either where we cry for more, or begin to find what far too many who profess Him as Lord do, get to a comfortable place on the path and just rest. Not resting in the Lord mind you, but determining within themselves that they need go no further in their search for Christ. “Not as though I had already attained, either were already perfect: but I follow after, if that I may apprehend that for which also I am apprehended of Christ Jesus.” (Phil. 3:12)

One must envision Paul as he wrote those words, as a man who had just been told he had but a few minutes to live before the executioner would arrive. Every moment of everyday we should be seeking the face of God, studying to show ourselves approved, trying to see through that dark glass with a little more clarity.

It does little good to put your hand to the plow if you do not start to push forward.

All who have been born-again have been blessed with the opportunity to know more about Christ, the Almighty is no more going to show His face to us than He did to Moses, but we are told to seek it, what we must desire is what Moses did, “I beseech thee, shew me thy glory.” (Exo. 33:18) As much of the Lord as we can handle, and then tomorrow a little more.

If there is one thing a Christian should be in this respect it is never satisfied, we should always desire more of Christ. “What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?” (Psalm 8:4) Each day should bring with it a desire to know more about Him, to grow in our faith, to be taught more, to be shown more.

Think of it in these terms if it helps you, heaven is an actual place, the third heaven where God abides on His throne, how long do you suppose it will take you to search out every corner of heaven, how long do you believe it will take to visit every single planet in the entire solar system? To know God will take longer, in fact we have a great adventure in front of us my friends, for we will never know Him fully.

Start today, ask Him each day how to contemplate Him, how to seek His face, how to hear the Holy Spirit speaking to you, how to know Christ and Him crucified. Those who have become content here will not do so, and with much loss to them, for if He is their all, then all of Him is what we should be searching for.

Pain, suffering, persecutions, all these and more will seem as a lite thing to those who keep their eyes fixed on Christ, who heed the call to seek His face. Drawing and being drawn ever closer to the throne of God Himself. That is the ultimate adventure. He is the prize.

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