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“Eric, you know I love you man, and we’ve known each other for a long time, but this new kick you’re on is starting to creep me out.” It was the third time today that Eric had interrupted his friend with something from the Bible, and he had completely missed the fact that it was starting to infuriate him. He just couldn’t seem to help himself lately, nearly everyone he met he felt a need to speak to, it was more than a need, it seemed almost like a necessary immediacy. Something was about to happen, and it was going to happen soon, Eric just didn’t know what that “thing” was.

“Yeah, I’m sorry Ted, I tend to go a little overboard these days, I’ll try to keep that in mind, I didn’t mean to seem pushy.” He thought of a really good Scripture verse right at that moment that was applicable to what they had been talking about, and he even knew right where it was, in the Book of Proverbs, 22:3  “A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished,” and he was about to blurt it out, but then caught himself and held the words back, not wanting to further upset his friend.

Eric had led a normal life up until about two years ago, regular kid, regular family, he had tried a little dope in school, even coke once, but they never really did anything for him, just made him dizzy. Of course there was some drinking, that was expected in college, but after almost getting kicked out of school for some antics while he was drunk one day, even the booze went by the wayside. He had started looking into other areas though, some things that the girl he was dating for a few months had turned him onto, metaphysical stuff, way out there pseudo-religious things. There was chanting, some things that were supposed to be spells to call certain spirits so that they could do things most people could not do, and Eric had been sufficiently surprised enough to continue in the stuff.

The girl that he was dating had thought that sex was a big part of these rituals, and that was just fine with him, until he found out that meant sex with whomever she happened to be with at that moment. His interest had been peaked though, and by the second year of college, he was full fledged into the spirit world, and things were actually starting to happen. He had spent part of the previous summer cycling thru parts of Europe with a few friends, and they had rested for a couple of days in London, enjoying all the scenery. That is where he found the book. Old, very old, in a street that looked as old as the book itself. It was hard to decipher at first, but as time went on he caught hold of the words, and began repeating them in the ways that it said to. The incantations at first seemed a little ridiculous, and some of the procedures that it called for seemed even more foolish, but things started to happen.

“Hey Jennifer.” “Oh, hi Eric, I heard you quit the human psych class.” “Yeah, it’s hard to wrap my head around the stuff that man thinks is important in the world, I found the Biblical studies that Mr. Johnson is teaching to be a little more conducive to what I want to apply myself to.” Jennifer was the only one, at least so far, that would spend any time with him and listen to what he had to say, she wasn’t saved yet, but she did not shy away from what he wanted to talk about, the only subject that seemed to matter to him anymore. “Did you give anymore thought to maybe coming to church with me this weekend, I think you might enjoy it.” She smiled at him and actually planted a small kiss on his cheek. “Maybe, I’ll let you know by Friday.” He was still standing there five minutes later, blushing and shaking a little.

He knew he wasn’t going to pass the math exam; he had been studying the book more that the coursework, but when he received his paper back from the professor, it had a passing grade on it. He was only able to figure out about thirty-five of the fifty questions, but all but three of them were filled out, something that he knew he had not done. “The power to have done for you what you cannot do,” that was the name of the spell, and he had not even completed it with anyone or anything in particular in mind, but there it was, a passing grade on a test he knew he would fail. Over the next several months, Eric’s life began to change, a strange mixture of excitement and exhilaration, and a sort of dread fell upon him. He was able to do things that he should not be able to do, move small items with his mind, make people say words that they would never say in public, but some of these incidences seemed to be out of his control, and those were the ones that started to make him worry a little.

He was in his mom and dad’s basement during Christmas break, it was very late, and the snow was falling fast outside. He had brought the book with him, wanting to try one of the spells he had been putting off for a long time, feeling as if the security of his parent’s house would perhaps give him the courage to try it. It was not really that involved, but it did require time, and a place where he would not be bothered. Eric felt the accustomed trance feeling come over him, but this time there was something different, someone, or better yet, something was in the basement with him. He was in an almost paralytic state and he found he could not move, he started to shiver, and cold sweat poured off him immediately, then he heard the noise. It sounded at first like a small bee just at the top of the stairs, but then it got louder, and started to move down the stairway towards where he was.

The sound was defining, his eyes had been wide open when he had started the incarnation, but now he shut them as tight as he could, and if he could have he would have screamed. It went right by his head, a sound like a freight train, sound of impending doom, a feeling of certain death, or worse ran through him, something was in the basement with him and that something did not want him alive anymore. He stood up light a bolt of lighting had shot thru him, and then he heard the scream.

“It was a demon, Eric, a demon straight from hell itself, you’re a very fortunate young man, I am amazed that you’re still alive.” It was six in the morning, Christmas eve, and Eric sat in the home of the local pastor, a man he had only said hello to a few times in his entire life in the small town. “What made you decide to do such a ridiculous thing as trying to call a messenger of Satan, young man, don’t you know what they are capable of?” They had sat and spoken for over two hours, the older, wiser man of God explaining the Word of God to him, showing him the sacrifice that was paid for him, explaining everything perfectly and directly, it was not his first time doing so. They had knelt together, they had prayed together, and Eric finally found what he had been searching for all along.

“You know Ted, I don’t mean to be pushy, but there is one more verse from the Book of Proverbs I would like you to hear, if you don’t mind.”     

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