Borrowed Truths

Don’t Take Any Chances

dont take any chances
Borrowed Truths

Don’t Take Any Chances

“Stay home, stay safe.” I am having some difficulty locating this in my Bible, perhaps I missed it, perhaps I have the wrong translation, or maybe it is phrased in a different way, with words that mean the same thing but are just laid out in a different manner or fashion. I can find the inverse of it, “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” (Matt. 10:16) “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

There are actually numerous ones that speak of the dangers of the world to the born-again believer, the trials and tribulations, temptations, but I can find nothing that tells me that I should hide in my house so that I am safe.

You have got to hand it to Satan, he is the master of making lies sound like truth, he is the best when it comes to making the dangers of the soul sound like benefit to the flesh. Do you know what the answer from those who say we should stay home, stay safe is when the question is “For how long?”; “Until they say so,” until those in the know, those who understand better what is occurring tell them they can come out and live their lives again, and that date is either always very fuzzy or moved forward in time as the supposed date arrives.

I actually had a conversation with an individual yesterday that blamed me, and others, who have determined not to wear a mask or take the vaccine as the reason that he will have to “Stay home to stay safe,” not all the other supposed variants or the flu itself, it is our fault, not the Covid-19 flu strain. This is how easily people are deceived, these are those that are trusting in another man (Jer. 17:5) these are the obedient servants of man, and therefore easily deceived into believing lies.

I question those who profess Christ, yet still wear the mask and are determined to accept the vaccine, the particular size of the flu is infinitesimally smaller than the opening of the weave size of any mask, masks that are forced upon them, and accepted willingly, the vaccine is stated to not have a huge effect on this flu strain, one who accepts it will still need to remain covered by the mask, and continue social distancing, and yet those who call Christ Lord still acquiesce to the notion and constructs set by men of science, as they are called.

Think on this, do you believe that you can die “before your time,” do you think that if you were to catch this flu and perhaps be one of the 0.07 percent or so that die from it, that you would arrive in heaven and the Lord would say, “You are early, I had so many more plans for you, but since you refused to wear a mask, take the vaccine, and continue social distancing, you died earlier than I expected.” Better safe than sorry, no need to take a chance, you just never know, stay home, stay safe, you might be sick and not even know it.

The Lord is our High Tower, (Psalm 144:2) and we may run to Him at any time, but we are not expected to set up house there, He is our Rock, (Psalm 18:2) but nothing grows in solid rock. Just a few short years ago, people across this planet started trusting and relying upon their governments before the Lord God, not long ago, Christians stood firm in their beliefs that it was God who rules in the kingdom of men, just a short time ago, many were preaching faith in Christ, now they lock their church doors when they are told to, they wear masks inside of the same buildings they call Holy and set apart, they practice social distancing inside the house of the Lord.

Perhaps it would be best if they would stay home and stay safe, less of an opportunity to dishonor the name of the Most High God by showing the world around them their lack of faith in whom they profess as Lord.

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