Borrowed Truths

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

dont sweat the small stuff
Borrowed Truths

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

“I do not have to do anything I do not want to do.” All can say these words, few will live them when the time comes to prove them, fewer still have the character and integrity to apply and live by them.

This world is based entirely on fear, fear of personal repercussions of what will occur if the laws set in place, laws both on paper and in a moral construct, are not adhered to. From warnings, to fines, imprisonment, and death, we cannot do as we desire to because of the implications if we get caught. Being impolite, rude, and contentious have their own mandates, these are those that are not written down, they are the unwritten laws, and if they are not obeyed, then the consequences will also be administered in a negative way.

Get caught by an enforcer of the written laws for running a stop sign, and they will take from you some of your financial wherewithal, your money, be seen in public picking your nose, and you will be ostracized, but rarely approached for it. We live on a planet that is ruled by law, and law has no power outside of fear. “Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight: for by the law is the knowledge of sin.” (Romans 3:20)

Every human being is accountable to God, although we are to adhere and obey every law of man unless it is against the will and Word of God, we are by default only accountable to the Almighty. How do the laws of man actually work? If you are a sports star adored by millions, you are allowed to “adjust yourself,” shall we say, in front of millions who are watching on their screens, try doing that in public yourself and you will find that the laws apply differently to different people. If you embezzle funds from the place that has trusted you to be employed by them, and are caught doing so, you will more than likely find yourself behind bars. If you are a high-ranking member of your nation’s government, it is called the “perks of the job,” one of the benefits of being higher up on the ladder of lawgiving and making.

The laws of man invoke fear only when the possibility of being caught are present, they are of no value at all if that fear is not possible. This is why you will find many beginning their political careers as average citizens, being voted in, so to speak, to a position that at best pays a small stipend compared to a private sector job in the same area, and walking away from that position, if they ever do, extremely wealthy individuals. The higher up the system one attains, the less the laws of man pertain to them, they become, in a sense, above the laws.

Large amounts of personal wealth will attain the same privilege, and the only way that those will be held accountable in this world is if their peers, those in the same position as these individuals, decide for reasons of their own to feed on that person and bring them down. The game in this arena must be played constantly by all the participants, none can be allowed to waiver, or all may be brought down. The military in almost every form of every nation is not there only to repel foreign invasion, it is there to quell the masses, to ensure that the “elite” of society retain their stature and position.

Here is where the unwritten laws come into play, here is where the love of money (1 Tim. 6:10) makes its entrance, here is where fear rules the best, and here is where Satan, the god of this world, places his throne. There is a very, very thin veneer that covers this world, and it is called grace. He who rules on High has predetermined in this age of grace not to release His wrath upon this planet of wicked, sinful men, we are, in a sense, in a time of reprieve.

Do not think that all those individuals who believe themselves to be above the law are the only wicked ones in the eyes of God, all who do not call Jesus Lord, all who have not been purchased by the blood of the Lamb, to come to repentance in faith in Christ are the wicked individuals. There are two and only two classes of people on this planet, the wicked and the saved. This is why, after perhaps a little too long of an explanation, that I can say with all honesty that “I do not have to do anything I do not want to do,” the law has no power over the man who does not fear, and the only people who do not fear on this planet are the born-again believers, for “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.” (1 John 4:18)

Why then do I obey when the law of man says I must, because I am obeying the Lord as He has commanded me to, not any man. Why do I disobey these same laws? Because they go against the Word of God. This spiritual conviction, if you please, is available to all born-again believers, but we must be willing to stand in the day of adversity, (Prov. 24:10) we must by faith acknowledge the Lord’s absolute Sovereignty, it is the Lord God that rules in the kingdom of man, and for anyone to think otherwise is foolishness in the extreme. It is called pride, and it is a terrible sin, perhaps the worst sin we can commit, for it says we do not need God.

Every part of this letter to you concerning man’s need for power is of course a moot point, and truly barely worth a second thought, for everyone on this planet unless the Lord intervenes, is going to grow old and die, and all of their efforts for themselves and their wants will be remembered about as much as the name of the assistant to the butler in the court of the first rule of the Jebusites. It is God alone who is Sovereign, the followers of Jesus Christ as Lord are concerned only with glorifying and praising His name, of being profitable servants in the vine, in bringing in as many as the Lord leads them to into the knowledge of His saving grace.

All of this is going to pass away my friends, or you will pass into glory first, in either case, keep your perspectives in order, serve Christ with all your being, seek for His guidance every day, He knows the way, He is the way, we can trust Him completely.

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